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Curaleaf Grovels For Support From Customers For Denied License

Last week on Thursday, April 13, 2023, the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission (NJCRC) denied Curaleaf’s adult-use cannabis license renewal application. Curaleaf has taken actions attempting to garner support from its customer base.

Curaleaf is a cannabis corporation that is a Multi-State Operator (MSO) with few ties to the state. It has had numerous labor and mold problems. They issued a statement explaining why it disagrees with the NJCRC’s decision to deny their renewal.

M.S.O. Curaleaf Attempts to Rally Support In Response to License Denial

Curaleaf has notably fought against home grow and small operators in New Jersey. Now they’re begging its subscribers to fight for them, a multi-billion dollar corporation that doesn’t advocate for cannabis culture.

What is Curaleaf?

Curaleaf has emerged as a major player in the United States cannabis industry. It has earned recognition for its rapid growth and strong financial performance. However, as the company gains prominence, its connections to Russia, particularly through its executive leadership, have come under close watch. In this article, we will explore the Russian-American nexus of Curaleaf and the potential implications of these connections on the company’s reputation and global standing.

Boris Jordan: The Man at the Helm

Curaleaf’s executive chairman, Boris Jordan, is a Russian-American businessman with an extensive background in finance and investment. Jordan first rose to prominence in the 1990s as a key figure in the privatization of Soviet state assets. His work with the Russian government and ties to influential Russian oligarchs have raised concerns among industry observers and regulators.


The Sputnik Group: A Crucial Link

Before entering the cannabis industry, Jordan founded the Sputnik Group, an investment firm focusing on Russia and other emerging markets. The group’s involvement with businesses connected to Russian oligarchs and its close relationship with the Kremlin have prompted questions. People wonder about the nature of these connections and whether they could potentially influence Curaleaf’s operations.

Curaleaf’s Rapid Expansion

Curaleaf’s rapid expansion in the United States has raised eyebrows. With a growing number of cannabis licenses and investments in cultivation, processing, and distribution facilities across the nation, Curaleaf’s aggressive strategy has raised concern. Observers question whether the company’s Russian connections have played a role in its success, given the potential for political influence to impact the cannabis industry.

Regulatory Oversight Coming To Roost

In response to concerns about Curaleaf’s Russian connections, regulatory bodies in the United States have begun investigating the financial and operational activities of Curaleaf. Questions about the source of Curaleaf’s funding and the extent of its Russian ties have become focal points of these investigations. Consequently, Curaleaf’s stock price and reputation have come under growing pressure.

New Jersey Adult-use Cannabis License Renewal Denied

The vertically integrated New Jersey legal cannabis dispensary, cultivation, and manufacturing licenses of Acreage CCF, Ascend New Jersey, Columbia Care New Jersey, LLC, Curaleaf, Green Thumb Industries Rise, TerrAscend NJ, and Verano NJ were up for renewal. These companies are all large cannabis corporations that are Multi-State Operators (MSOs).

Curaleaf reps argued for the renewal of their New Jersey adult-use cannabis license. They claimed they created 500 jobs and contributed to millions in cannabis tax revenue. However, Commissioner Maria Del Cid-Kosso questioned the size of their social equity budget. A Curaleaf representative revealed that the company has a $1 million budget for Social Equity nationally. It may have also contributed to the denial of their license renewal. That seems small in comparison to the millions they are making.

Alleged Misconduct by Curaleaf in the Cannabis Industry

Petri moldy cannabis, Apothecarium, TerrAscend
Petri of moldy cannabis

Curaleaf has long been a shining example of the worst kind of corporate player in the cannabis space, with allegations of:

  1. Price gouging: Critics accuse Curaleaf of overcharging customers, taking advantage of the high demand for cannabis products.
  2. Tip theft: Employees have alleged that Curaleaf has withheld tips from its workers, which is also a violation of labor laws.
  3. Union busting: Curaleaf has faced accusations of undermining workers’ efforts to unionize and collectively bargain for better working conditions.
  4. Poor patient access: Medical cannabis patients have reported difficulties accessing the products they need due to Curaleaf’s operations.
  5. Associations with Russian oligarchs: Curaleaf’s connections to Russian oligarchs, as detailed earlier in this article, have raised concerns about potential foreign influence in the cannabis industry.
  6. Poor Quality Cannabis: On several occasions, Curaleaf sold moldy weed to customers.

Further Implications for the Cannabis Industry

Curaleaf’s denied license highlights the broader issue of foreign influence in the booming cannabis industry. As the sector continues to grow, the question of balancing opportunities offered by international investment with the potential risks posed by political webs becomes even more important. Curaleaf’s example serves as a warning sign for other legal weed companies navigating the complex world of international business.

The Russian-American nexus surrounding Curaleaf raises significant questions about the influence of foreign powers in the expanding cannabis industry. As more information emerges, the extent to which Curaleaf’s Russian connections will impact the company and also the industry as a whole remains to be seen.

In the meantime, the focus on Curaleaf serves as a reminder of the importance of transparency and accountability in the rapidly changing landscape of legal weed. Companies must maintain high ethical standards to ensure the long-term success of the industry.

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