Fizzy: The New THC-Infused Seltzer Drink Shaking Up The Cannabis Industry


fizzy thc infused drink

Fizzy is a new and innovative THC-infused drink product from Journey Hemp Co., a subsidiary of Clean Green Extractions, a plant-based biotechnology and pharmacology laboratory based in Orlando, Florida.

Fizzy is available in about 30 states or more! (Click here to see if it can be delivered in your state).

Voted the Best: Why Fizzy is the #1 Cannabinoid Beverage on the Market

Fizzy has already gained major recognition in the industry, winning the “Best in Show” award at the Delta-8 & CBD Expo in 2022. Consumers don’t just like Fizzy, they actually really love it! 


The newest federally legal cannabis drink, Fizzy, has become widely known for its great taste and its ability to deliver a higher quality experience. Fizzy is more than just a trend – it is revolutionizing the non-alcoholic beverage industry.

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The Market Data: Explosive Growth of the Cannabis Beverages Market

The global cannabis beverages market has a projected growth trajectory of $915.06 million in 2021 to $20 billion in 2028, with a CAGR of 54.31% in the forecast period. The cannabis beverage market in the US also had an estimated worth of $752 million in 2022, accounting for a 70.9% share of the global market. This explosive growth is driven by the growing consumption among adult customers for recreational reasons, as well as the therapeutic benefits that weed offers.

Fizzy addresses four major areas of opportunity driven by consumer sentiment that attract a wide range of consumers including:

  • Alcohol drinkers are becoming more mindful of the impact of alcohol on their health and well-being. They are seeking alternative ways to relax or socialize.
  • New consumers are curious about or easing into the recreational cannabis category, but are intimidated by the stereotypical act of lighting up and/or playing the guessing game with edibles effects.
  • Existing cannabis consumers are seeking a way to complement their existing consumption preferences or to replace traditional smoking habits.
  • People sensitive to the effects of alcohol no longer want to feel hungover but still want a sessionable experience with friends that allows them the social and physical benefits.


Nano-Encapsulation Technology: What’s Inside Fizzy

Fizzy’s rapid onset comes from Clean Green Extractions’ nano water soluble proprietary technology. The technology provides a drink experience that is 100% tasteless and far superior to nano emulsion systems. The active ingredient is at least 400% more bio-available than traditional THC or any cannabinoid. This offers better protection against degradation and better absorption and uptake by the body. This is particularly why it can be felt within 10 minutes of delivery, last for 4-6 hours and bypass the liver in its delivery and bodily intake and absorption.

The Science: How Fizzy Works

Fizzy’s Nano-Encapsulated Water-Soluble Powder is an FDA GRAS Food-Safe. Unlike distillate formulated from oil and not dissolvable in water, Fizzy’s technology changes how THC interacts with the body. The Fizzy drinks function similarly to alcohol by using the insulin pathways to produce a similar rush and onset of effects. 

There’s no weed taste or any other  strange flavors, like many hard alcoholic seltzers or carbonated waters, and even other cannabis beverages. With Fizzy you only taste the intended flavor that you purchase, with the THC being tasteless.

The onset of effects comes on within 10 minutes compared to other products taking about an hour or more. Also, Fizzy’s effects are more of an upbeat social buzz, giving a nice Fizzy vibe without the side effects like paranoia, anxiety, or feeling super tired.


Shelf-Life Stability: Fizzy’s Guarantee

Fizzy is tested by third-party labs and has undergone rigorous quality control. The canned THC drinks are also guaranteed to pack a punch for quite a long time, with a guaranteed shelf life of one year.

Flavor Varieties, Options & Effects

Fizzy provides two different Journey (experiential) options, each with their own unique flavors and cannabinoid profiles. This allows Fizzy to deliver unique and finely-tailored experiences that fit the demands of their consumers, whether they are on the go, at a party, off on adventures, or looking to relax and enjoy special moments with friends or family.

The new THC infused drink was intended to provide those who indulge with top-shelf, non-alcoholic, professionally crafted, and flavorful beverages that deliver sophisticated euphoric and can also provide immersive experiences on demand. 

Believe it or not, according to Clean Green Extractions, the maker of Fizzy, cognition becomes more enhanced vs. impaired. Consumers may also experience an increase in physical, auditory, visual, and sentimental stimulation and sensation.


The Wellness Benefits of Hemp: Feel Great After Consuming Fizzy

The morning after consuming alcoholic beverages is not fun to say the least. Fizzy is a better alternative buzz for those that wish to wake up fresh and feel great. The wellness benefits of hemp are welcome ancillary and beneficial consequences of drinking Fizzy.

Three Flavors to Choose From

Fizzy comes in two varieties, Delta-8 Seltzer and Delta-9 Soda. Each line of product offers its own unique flavors and Journey Experience Types (JETs) to deliver tailored experiences to fit the varying needs and demands of it growing consumer base.

Delta-8 drinks are generally referred to as “weed-light.” However with Fizzy’s formula, the effects are more heady, offering a more hyper aware but lucid or dream-like experience. It is available in three flavors: Wild Strawberry, Mango Tango, and Watermelon Burst.


Delta-9 Soda is federally compliant with 30MG, .009% Delta-9 THC by weight, which is 33X less than the .3% limit. The D-9 drink meets the legal definition of a hemp product. These products sell similarly to CBD. It is a bold and sweet beverage that goes down super easy, and also delivering a full-body deep chill. Delta-9 Soda is the ideal companion for lounging, whether it be at the cabana or a bar/lounge.


In conclusion, Fizzy is a game-changer in the non-alcoholic beverage industry. Its unique nano-encapsulation technology, superior taste, and tailored experiences also make it the #1 cannabinoid beverage on the market.

As the cannabis beverages market continues to grow and expand across the country, Fizzy will likely continue to take the industry by storm. Rapid growth continues to occur as the product exceeds the needs of consumers seeking alternative ways to relax, socialize, and also to experience the benefits of hemp.


(full disclosure this is an affiliate deal)

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