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Breaking NJ Cannabis News

Medical Cannabis Showdown in Madison

Activists Edward “Lefty Grimes and Mike “Bongholeo” Vintzileos of Sativa Cross attended the town hall meeting in Madison, in Morris County, on Monday night. The meeting was devoted to overturning the medical cannabis ban despite approving it early last year.

Jersey City Cannabis Board OKs 3 Dispensaries, Carries 1 Repp’d by Indicted Attorney

The Jersey City Cannabis Board approved three applications and carried one more where an indicted attorney represented the applicant. But first... Board attorney Ron Mondello first swore in the new cannabis board Commissioner, Jose Cantarero.

Working in South Jersey Cannabis Features CRC Commissioner Nash Keynote

An event that started as a humble forum turned into a mini-convention with many sponsors and attendees signing up. Attendees and vendors packed the UFCW Local 360 union hall in Berlin Township. Many had to park on the grass and the street.

NJ Senate Budget Committee Passes Cannabis Business Tax Bill

The New Jersey State Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee passed a cannabis business tax bill yesterday. It was designed to address the fact that licensed cannabis companies cannot deduct their expenses from their taxes, a common practice. It was sponsored by Senator Troy Singleton (D-Burlington) and Shirley Turner (D-Mercer).

New Jersey Residents’ Voices Ignored on Cannabis Business Approval

In many towns across the Garden State, it appears that the local governments are refusing to listen to the desires of their constituents. Data collected from various towns in New Jersey shows that there is a clear trend of high voter support for the approval of cannabis businesses, yet many local governments have chosen to opt out of allowing these businesses to operate within their borders.  Despite well over 500 towns supporting cannabis by a majority vote of over 50 percent, with many much higher, about 335 municipalities opted out of legal, licensed cannabis businesses opening and operating within their borders, missing out on the massive revenue generated by cannabis, but more importantly, being flat out ignored its constituents.