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Cannabis Cultivation

Beginner Growing Tips From Cosmic Wisdom Seeds

Cannabis seeds and clones for growing plants are more widely available than ever these days. There are so many varieties and breeders now that legalization is flourishing. This is a great thing, but it comes with its own challenges. How do we know which is good, where to look, and then, how do we identify the best plants from our best seed choices? Phil with Cosmic Wisdom Seeds shares some insights to begin your journey growing cannabis.

Top 10 Grow Tents on Amazon For the Best Plants

Looking for the best grow tents for the best plants? Check out our top picks for budget, durability, reflective material, easy setup, customer support, and more.

Home Grow Advocates Re-New Efforts at NJ State House

Home grow advocates organized their largest effort to lobby legislators in a while at the New Jersey State House last week. Despite New Jersey's adult-use...