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Product recalls of moldy cannabis made by Curaleaf and sold by GTI Rise in Paterson and Curaleaf in Bellmawr have been issued.

In their Product Recall, GTI Rise noted the mold was found in two batches of the Banana Foster strain (or cultivar). It was grown by Curaleaf NJ which they wholesaled.

This is not the first time that mold in a Curaleaf product has been an issue. The recall affects a batch of their product only Heady NJ reported caused a medical cannabis patient to become ill.

Moldy Cannabis Recall

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Rise noted the first bad batch was dated December 22-26, 2020, when the patient Carlos purchased moldy cannabis. The second bad batch of moldy cannabis was sold between February 2nd and the 7th.

GTI Rise is offering to exchange the moldy Curaleaf cannabis and offer a 20 percent discount on an individual’s next purchase.

“Our number one priority is product quality and patient safety. Upon learning about the potential mold exposure of Curaleaf flower sold at GTI Rise Paterson, we worked cooperatively with the Department of Health. Notified all patients who purchased the product and offered patients an exchange of the product and a discount on their next purchase. We are grateful to serve the patients of NJ. And the trust they place in us,” a statement from GTI Rise said.

Curaleaf Does Damage Control Over Moldy Cannabis

To address their moldy cannabis blunder, Curaleaf NJ has sought to reach out to patients by sending them a letter.

They noted in a letter they recalled batch ID numbers BF F5.H150, BF F3.H151, and BF F1.H152.

“Recent sample testing from these harvests by New Jersey’s Department of Health indicated the presence of Penicillium sp, a mold commonly found in soil, food, cellulose, and grains,” a statement from Curaleaf said.

 “We are actively working to notify each patient who purchased these products from our dispensary in Bellmawr by the registered mail, phone, and email contact information that corresponds to each patient’s NJ Medical Marijuana card. And offering a one-time 20 percent discount on their next purchase in our Bellmawr location,” they added.

 They said they are deeply sorry to our patient community for this inconvenience. We are re-examining our internal quality control practices to identify opportunities for improvement.”

Mold Details

According to the letter, Penicillium sp. is a genus of ascomycetous fungi commonly found in soil, food, cellulose, and grains. Penicillium species are present in the air and dust of indoor environments, such as homes and public buildings. The fungus is transported from the outdoors and grows indoors using building material or accumulated soil. Some Penicillium species can cause allergy-like symptoms for individuals, while most are benign. If anyone has questions about mold allergies, you should call a medical professional.

“If a patient has a product from one of these three Banana Foster strains. It can be brought to the Curaleaf dispensary for a full refund. Or you may safely discard of any remaining units,” the letter read.

“We are aware it has been some time. Since the product has been sold, and the majority, if not all, of the product may be used. Curaleaf NJ would like to offer patients who have purchased these products a one-time 20 percent discount off their next purchase at the Curaleaf dispensary in Bellmawr, NJ. If additional information is required, patients may contact Curaleaf NJ at (856) 933-8700, Monday through Sunday, from the hours of 8 am to 7 pm.”

Statewide Issue

Curaleaf cannabis is being wholesaled to many dispensaries across the state. A few others are doing that as well. They are widely known to be one of the worst dispensaries in New Jersey. Their medical cannabis is considered by many to be mediocre at best. It is surprisingly bad, given that it costs a great deal.

This shows how far New Jersey still has to go to achieve an adequate medical cannabis program. It has even father to go for the adult-use cannabis market.

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