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Lawsuit Filed by Former Whistleblower Employee Against Curaleaf

A Curaleaf lawsuit was filed against them by a former whistleblower employee who says he was illegally fired.

Curaleaf is a cannabis corporation that is a Multi-State Operator (MSO). They operate in 23 states, including New Jersey.

Curaleaf Lawsuit Details

The lawsuit was filed on March 7th in Camden County. The former employee wants $150,000 plus attorney fees. Furthermore, he wants the Curaleaf lawsuit to go to court and not reach a settlement.

According to NJ.com, Curaleaf is denying the allegations. An attorney for the employee also declined to comment.

The suit said he got fired for saying employees were drinking the night before their legal cannabis adult-use sales began at Bellmawr.

The employee said people were drinking on 4/20, which is not how it is supposed to be observed.

The Curaleaf Edgewater Park dispensary was eager to launch adult-use legal cannabis sales but could not initially due to town laws they did not follow.

The employee claims he was protected by the “Conscientious Employee Protection Act” or “Whistleblower Act” which would protect him from speaking poorly of senior management.

Drinking in a dispensary is illegal. Alcohol is not permitted in the NJ Cannabis Regulatory Commission’s cannabis consumption area rules.

The Curaleaf lawsuit alleges a Vice President was fired. After the firing, the man alleges he was targeted by management and not promoted.

Many different Vice Presidents often run large corporations. Sometimes there is an Executive Vice President, like the Vice President of the United States.

Cannabis Corporation MSO Operations

They operate three adult-use cannabis dispensaries in Belmawr in Camden County, Edgewater Park, and Bordentown Township in Burlington County as a result of a vertically integrated license issued by the former Christie Administration. They have one of the oldest licenses in New Jersey.

The cannabis workers at the Curaleaf Edgewater Park dispensary joined the UFCW union.

Curaleaf’s ties to Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich were recently found. Abramovich has close ties to President Vladimir Putin. Trade with Russia was sanctioned as a result of the War in Ukraine

Due to financial troubles, they recently had to close operations in three states.

Curaleaf Chairman Boris Jordan seemed to have endorsed a limited cannabis market last year.

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