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12K Plus Customers Served on 1st Day of New Jersey Adult-use Cannabis Sales

On the first day of New Jersey adult-use cannabis sales, the 12 adult-use dispensaries locations sold cannabis products to 12,438 adult-use customers for nearly $1.9 million.

The New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission (NJCRC) reported sales of medical cannabis products have been strong over the last 30 days. Approximately 64,000 ounces of products were dispensed to patients and their caregivers. 

On 4/20, the day before New Jersey adult-use cannabis sales began, ATCs dispensed 5,400 ounces of medical cannabis.

In the five days following the beginning of adult-use sales, 7,500 ounces were sold to patients by dispensaries. They will likely get more New adult-use cannabis consumers to serve soon.

New Jersey Adult-use Cannabis Sales Booming

“We expected sales to be substantial. The data shows that the market is effectively serving both adult-use consumers and patients,” said NJCRC Executive Director Jeff Brown. “We continue to monitor inventory and access for patients. And are prepared to take enforcement action against any ATC that does not meet the requirements for patient access and supply.”

Lines have been steady at all the dispensaries. There have not been any legitimate reports of supply problems for medicinal cannabis patients. The NJCRC continues to monitor and respond to complaints to ensure patients have adequate supply and access.

The Multi-State Operator (MSO) Massachusetts-based corporation Curaleaf was eager to make it 13 adult-use cannabis locations. But they have yet to do so. It remains unclear why.

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