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Cannabis Pharma Company Finds Results Developing Coronavirus Cure

MGC Pharmaceuticals, which specializes in creating cannabis-based pharmaceuticals, has succeeded in initial trials of its coronavirus cure.

Their drug, known as ArtemiC, treats what is known as a “cytokine storm,” which occurs when an individual is infected with corona. MGC Pharmaceuticals worked with Swiss PharmaCan AG to increase the effectiveness of ArtemiC. They recently completed a double-blind phase II clinical trial study. Thus, ArtemiC could soon be a widespread coronavirus cure.

While ArtemiC does not contain cannabis-derived substances, the fact that a company that embraces cannabis as a medicine is leading the way on the coronavirus cure speaks volumes.

Medical Cannabis Treatment

The nature of ArtemiC is interesting. It is based on natural plants. As a result, taking ArtemiC would not be considered a vaccine since it is akin to a supplement. However, this may have some advantages. Many of the vaccines created for COVID-19 have to be kept at very low temperatures in pharma fridges. It makes transporting them difficult. A supplement, however, would most likely not need to be kept refrigerated, making it more cost-effective.

“We are very pleased to have achieved these results. Which have been completed in line with FDA requirements for COVID-19 studies and provide important data points for our Phase IIb and III trial design and protocols,” said MGC Pharmaceuticals Co-founder and Managing Director, Roby Zomer.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is working with MGC Pharmaceuticals as well.

Like other companies finding positive results using a cannabis-derived medication, MGC Pharmaceuticals has Israeli scientists leading the way. Patients from the Nazareth Hospital first tried their experimental drug and felt better afterward. They also had ArtemiC tested in India.

Should the coronavirus cure continue to test well, MGC Pharmaceuticals has in place a worldwide distribution deal which to spread it quickly.

MGC is traded on the Australian Stock Exchange and maintains offices in the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, and Israel. When news that their trial results were positive, their stock increased. MGC Pharmaceuticals’ facility in Slovenia would mass-produce the drug should it pass all the necessary trials.

While it usually takes a while to approve a drug, governments are eager to find something to allow global society to reach “the new normal” when people can be in public without fear of catching COVID.

Coronavirus Cure Desperately Needed

As the struggle against the COVID-19 pandemic continues to claim lives, and the economy suffers to keep the transmission rate down, companies associated with cannabis look like an increasingly attractive solution to the crisis. Besides creating health products, state governments realize how much revenue they would have gained had cannabis been legalized. Since clinical cannabis dispensaries were declared “essential,” many have speculated that it will further the cause of federal legalization.

Pharma companies that have made billions getting people hooked on opium-derived pills are advertising that they are working on a solution too.

People are struggling to cope with the restraints necessary to keep the level of coronavirus infections low. Many are criticizing groups for hosting parties. The Democratic National Convention next will be all virtual. Cannabis industry and advocacy events remain canceled, and the cannabis community has sought to adopt virtual methods to cope.

People are afraid the general election on Tuesday, November 3rd, will be adversely affected in many ways.

Movie theaters that were closed still contain posters for live-action Mulan movie, which was due to open at the end of March.

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