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Cannabis Doctor Andrew Medvedovsky Loses Medical License

Prominent cannabis doctor Andrew Medvedovsky formerly of New Jersey Alternative Medicine had his medical license suspended by the State Medical Exam Board.

He was fined $15,000 and then forced to pay the medical board $44,000 for his time as a cannabis doctor. It was said he failed to get patients’ medical history and establish legitimate patient relationships, did not exam them. The Attorney General’s office has been investigating the matter for two years.

A professional who worked for Medvedovsky’s firm New Jersey Alternative Medicine (NJAM), wished to be anonymous, including his official title for fear of appraisal believes that Medvedovsky lost his medical license due to the desires of his former administrator.

“He was set up. He was then lynched. Then shot when lynched and then burnt at the stake at the same time,” he said regarding Medvedovsky.

The professional said patients were indeed properly seen and cared for as clinical cannabis patients.

“He is a very nice guy, has high patient care. The people surrounding him did not like it,” the professional said. “It was not about the money for him. It was about the patients.”

As a cannabis doctor, Medvedovsky was said to be a very trusting guy. Essentially as part of a scheme to control the business, his reputation was deliberately ruined.

“I was informed by a higher-up that if anything was wrong in the office, that I was not to tell Andrew. I was to tell him. And it would get passed along. Those issues never got passed along,” he said.

A lot of records were stolen came to another cannabis doctor practice, Dragonfly.

The professional said he remains in contact with Medvedovsky and spoke with him recently.

Regarding his time as a cannabis doctor, Dr. Medvedosky spoke to his attorney, who said he should not have let this person have this control over the practice. He had already thrown up his hands, accepted it, and let his reputation be ruined. Medvedovsky had no stomach for the office politics and the vicious fight to save it and sold it to Canna Care Docs and moved to Florida.

“It’s something rotten,” the professional said.

Cannabis Doctor Business Site Remains Active

Despite NJAM being shut down, their Facebook page is still maintained. The professional said they stole NJAM’s Facebook page because the IT person changed the password. Comments were not coming from Andrew. The NJAM page links to the state Department of Consumer Affairs. The phone number listed goes to the state board of medical examiners.

The page consistently criticizes Canna Care Docs, which officially bought NJAM. (Doesn’t that strike you as odd?)

“This was not Andrew’s fault,” the professional said regarding issues reported by the NJAM Facebook page.

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