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CBD Might Reduce Lung Inflammation and Lead to COVID Cure

With a Great Depression level of unemployment and about 150,000 deaths upon us, the race to find the COVID cure is on.

While the Pharma lobby is running commercials touting their efforts, cannabis, CBD, and terpenes specifically, might treat COVID.

It’s not as far-fetched as it might sound.

According to Forbes, the University of Nebraska and the Texas Biomedical Research Institute, are looking to examine CBD to more to see if it can successfully reduce inflammation in the lungs caused by COVID-19. It often leads to pneumonia, which leads to death.

CBD tinctures are indeed known for reducing inflammation. If proven wholly successful as a cannabis cure, CBD would work well because it was legalized as part of the 2018 Farm Bill. Moreover, the larger legalization movement would gain a great boost if a CBD derivative was indeed made the official cannabis cure to COVID-19 and the negative effects the shutdown it caused has had.

Other clinical drugs have reduced lung inflammation in tests but led to negative side effects. The good news is that some of these negative side effects like pain and anxiety are treatable using the natural compound found in the cannabis plant called CBD, notes Gold Bee.

COVID Cure in CBD and Terpenes

Scientists said research has shown that CBD decreases the number of negative properties in the bodies.

“CBD has also been shown to increase the production of interferons, a type of signaling protein that activates immune cells and prevents viruses from replicating,” Forbes said.

CBD dosed at 1500 mg a day for a patient has been shown effective in preliminary tests. Fifteen hundred milligrams a day is quite a high amount.

Scientists noted that CBD’s anti-anxiety relieving properties could also help patients as it serves as a COVID cure. Scientists noted that THC also has great anti-inflammation properties.

Israeli scientists are pursuing cannabis as a COVID cure the most. Several Israelis have reported positive initial tests. They found combining CBD with cannabis terpenes, which are known for producing distinct scents, proved the most effective. They found that CBD with terpenes was three times as effective as a drug produced by conventional means.

“The preliminary results were highly positive,” said Co-Founder & CEO of Eybna Nadav Eyal. He said the CBD with Terpenes are “demonstrating significant anti-inflammatory activity of terpenes and breaking the perception that terpenes are just flavorings and fragrances compounds with a placebo effect.”

The process for a drug to be approved by the FDA is quite cumbersome and involves peer-reviewed studies. Unfortunately, no such studies have occurred yet for CBD as a COVID cure. Even if their studies show positive results, it might be some time before a COVID cure is widely available.

Due to federal prohibition, cannabis is not well understood. THC and CBD were discovered in the 1960s by Dr. Raphael Mechoulam in Israel. However, this did not spur much investigation by others. To this day, Mechoulam remains the foremost expert on cannabis science in the world.

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