Five Finger Death Punch Lead Singer Ivan Moody Gets into Cannabis


Ivan moody

American Metal Band Five Finger Death Punch lead singer Ivan Moody is getting into the cannabis industry after utilizing medical cannabis to treat a host of issues.

Heady Dom had a chance to interview him and talk a little about his addiction, the road to recovery, his experience with cannabis, and his journey so far in the industry.

Ivan Moody and Music

Ivan was born in Marysville, California, and raised in Denver, CO, from the age of two. Coming from a troubled childhood, he stated, “music was a part of his life since before he can remember. My genetic code is written in musical notes.”

From singing in a choir at just 7 years old to performing in various bands, it was around 2005 that he joined ‘Five Finger Death Punch,’ who went on to receive commercial success rather fast. They have over 25 top hit music singles, Six Gold Albums, Four Platinum Albums, and a platinum single. Currently holding the record for most #1 albums in the history of Billboard’s hard rock chart with their new album “Afterlife.”

Addiction + Recovery

With addiction in his bloodline, it was destined for him to battle a long road of alcohol abuse that led to many setbacks in his life and musical journey. It caused many outbursts on stage, behavioral problems, alcohol-related seizures that were affecting his ability to perform, as well as the tension between bandmates, friends, and family members. Moody’ finally realized it was time to put an end to it all and get sober.

He didn’t want to be remembered as that person. 

But pharmaceutical medications were not helping him with his recovery. Ivan Moody began experiencing unwanted symptoms such as anxiety and sleeping problems. He was already familiar with herbal medicine but started researching CBD and THC as a way to finally overcome his addiction. 

He preferred to use something ‘natural’ like CBD and THC  for the anxieties I face in my industry and daily life vs. something that is ‘overused and made to look like it made for the commoner when in reality we are all special little snowflakes and not one ‘thing’ is perfect’ for everyone.”

Moody had problems with stress, anxiety, lack of appetite, inability to focus, and anger issues. He was prescribed pharmaceutical medication to cope. Later cannabis replaced 4/5 of those prescriptions.

Evolution of Greenings / Moody’s Medicinals

Ivan Moody has business ventures now in both CBD and THC lines.

Moody’s Medicinals is a Full Spectrum CBD line and Greening’s By Moody Medicinals which is a premium Cannabis Brand that specializes in Flower, Edibles, and Pre-Rolls. Moody says his ‘ Angel de la Muerte flower and Sour Orange gummies are doing better than expected, which is stellar news, especially coming out of the gate.” 

His partnership with Exhale Brands out of Las Vegas has been a great journey so far, and being a long-time ‘local’ has helped him a lot especially in dealing with the ever-changing laws and regulations those in the industry continuously face.

Moody is excited about the future of his brands and has plans to get his products outside of the Las Vegas Market so everyone can try them.

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