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Dragonfly Health: Medical Marijuana Funny Business


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Dragonfly Health is a medical marijuana practice that seems to have shady business practices at its core with little concern for ethics.

The company was founded by David Hassine who got control of the practice of New Jersey Alternative Medicine (NJAM) from  Dr. Andrew Medvedovsky, one of the first doctors in New Jersey to advocate prescribing medical marijuana and a champion of the program.

The problem was Medvedovsky hired Hassine, who had no medical background, to manage the business. It was said Medvedovsky later regretted hiring Hassine, who sought to isolate the doctor from the rest of the staff. One source said that Hassine was underhanded and wouldn’t look people in the eye.

It seems there was an issue whereby Hassine caused Medvedovsky to lose control of the practice. Hassine stopped paying taxes on it so he could take advantage of Medvedovsky through county legal proceedings. He subsequently opened up Dragonfly Health in the offices NJAM had been using.

Medvedovsky ultimately sold the business to Canna Care Docs and moved to Florida. Yet Dragonfly Health seems to have gotten control of their list of patients and has aggressively solicited them.

“They seemed to believe in profits over patients,” one source said.

Sources in this article spoke anonymously for fear of reprisal against Dragonfly. They previously threatened legal retaliation against one source for seeking to address some of their unsavory practices.

Dragonfly Health’s Shady Practices

Dragonfly likely controls the New Jersey Alternative Medicine Facebook page. It is persisting in using an image of Medvedovsky on the page despite the fact that he is no longer involved in the business. 

They did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

A patient said, “I started getting emails from them as soon as Dr. M. closed. CannaCare took over his practice. They barraged me with emails and a call or two.  I noticed then that I was getting notifications still from Dr. M. and his practice. All it was doing was slamming every other doctor that was doing any evals or recommendations. So doing some digging, I found the number on the page went back to Dragonfly. When I posted this to some patient groups, the number then changed to the Department of Health.”

The phone now listed on the page ironically goes to the Department of Consumer Affairs in the Attorney General’s office.

The business is “creepy and sleazy like the way he was,” said one source.

Medical Marijuana Perscriber Issues

They seem out to get Canna Care Docs. They are constantly posting negative reviews of them on their website.

“I am currently blocked from making any comments on the Alternative Medicines Page due to my comments calling out whoever is running the page. It’s my understanding that the guy that ran Andrew Medvedovsky’s office got the directory of patients and used that to solicit the patients to use their service,” a patient said.

Dr. Andrew Medvedovsky was one of the leading proponents of New Jersey’s medical marijuana (or medical cannabis) program in its early days. When few other medical professionals wished to be associated with it, Medvedosky argued its merits. He saw how it could be a boon to patients.

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