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As Coronavirus causes people to seek to stockpile, patients are having a hard time securing their NJ medical marijuana from dispensaries in New Jersey.

One patient said that on Saturday he had to wait 90 minutes in the cold in line at the Breakwater Dispensary in Cranbury.

After he left, it seemed the line had grown even longer, and some patients were going to be forced to wait three hours for their medication!

While some prohibitionists and skeptics might not see this as a serious issue, many NJ medical marijuana (or medical cannabis) patients need their medication to live normal lives.

At least the prices are at the dispensaries were the same he reported. The problem is they’re already too high!

Many have reported that due to the Coronavirus they are seeing toilet paper and other essential goods at exceedingly high prices at stores across the states.

NJ Medical Marijuana Issues

New Jersey’s medical marijuana program has been through growing pains. After a prohibitionist governor was in power for so long, the issues around cannabis in New Jersey have been great. Even in good times, patients have bemoaned the exceedingly high prices at dispensaries. They also often run out of strains.

This is difficult for patients because there is a great difference in the effect between different strains. A strain to cope with insomnia is not likely going to be the strain that addresses chronic pain.

What’s worse is that there is no end in sight to this. Governor Murphy has banned gatherings of more than 50 people. In addition, movie theatres and restaurants are being forced to close after 8 PM tonight. Individuals are being highly discouraged from traveling between 8 PM and 5 AM. However, restaurants will be permitted to offer takeout.

The Governors of New York and Connecticut put the same ban in place to combat Coronavirus.

But grocery stores and gas stations will be exempted.

And while white-collar professionals can work from home, those in the service industry need to go to work. Otherwise, they won’t be paid. And they usually don’t have paid sick leave, which makes the situation worse.  

Many cannabis related events throughout the tristate and the country have been postponed or canceled.

It has already been severely affecting the cannabis industry on the West Coast.

The effects of Coronavirus are plummeting the world into a recession.

We can only hope that this will all be over in time for the celebration of 4/20.

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