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NJ Magic Mushroom Legalization Bill Introduced in Assembly

A bill to legalize NJ magic mushrooms has been introduced in the New Jersey Assembly. It permits shroom homegrow while cannabis homegrow remains a felony.

The legislation, A 4911, the Psilocybin Behavioral Health Access and Services Act, was introduced last month.

NJ Magic Mushroom Legalization Legislation Details

The Assembly bill to legalize magic mushrooms was introduced by Assemblymembers Raj Mukherji (D-Hudson), Herb Conaway (D-Burlington), and James Kennedy (D-Union).

The bill says that “studies conducted by nationally and internationally recognized medical institutions indicate that psilocybin has shown efficacy, tolerability, and safety in the treatment of a variety of behavioral health conditions.”

It notes that magic mushrooms have been found to help treat addiction, depression, anxiety, and the fear of death.

Notably, “the United States Food and Drug Administration has determined that preliminary clinical evidence indicates psilocybin may demonstrate substantial improvement over available therapies.”

The bill explains, “it is the intent of the Legislature to facilitate the establishment of safe, legal, and affordable psilocybin service centers to provide residents of New Jersey who are 21 years of age or older with opportunities for supported psilocybin experiences.”

Thus, the legislators are interested in creating a medical magic mushroom industry in New Jersey.

The bill was referred to the Assembly Health Committee.

Legislative Manuevering

It is a companion bill to the magic mushroom legalization bill S 294 introduced last year by NJ Senate President Nick Scutari (D-Union). Thus, it is very similar.

Scutari was the lead champion in the New Jersey State Senate for cannabis legalization. He inserted a provision that reduced magic mushroom possession from a felony to a misdemeanor in the cannabis legalization bill, the Cannabis Regulatory and Enforcement Marijuana Modernization Act (CREAMMA).

No new sponsors have joined Scutari’s bill since it was introduced.

The more sponsors a bill has, the more likely it is to become law.

Last year the UFCW union Local 360 endorsed the magic mushrooms legalization bill provided the workers in the industry are unionized.

(Full disclosure Heady NJ is partnering with the UFCW Local 360 to host the South Jersey Cannabis Gathering on Saturday, January 21st.)

Shroom Growing OK While Cannabis Homegrow is a Felony

The bill closely resembles the version Scutari introduced last year. It was notable for including a provision that allowed magic mushroom homegrow.

It’s especially interesting since that cannabis homegrow remains a felony. When Scutari pushed the CREAMMA bill, he remained adamantly opposed to cannabis homegrow. He has shown little interest in pushing homegrow.

Even though legislative leaders close to Scutari have introduced medical-only and medical and adult-use cannabis homegrow bills, they have yet to receive a mere informational hearing.

But no penalties would be levied against those who grow magic mushrooms. That’s despite the fact that they are arguably far more dangerous than cannabis if taken in large amounts.

Advocates prefer to refer to magic mushrooms as psilocybin, the scientific and Latin term for them, like cannabis is the scientific and Latin term for marijuana. Psilocybin has been found to treat trauma effectively.

Magic Mushroom Legalization Progress Nationwide

Magic mushroom legalization has been making fast progress around the country in the wake of the cannabis legalization movement. Several cannabis advocates in New Jersey and nationwide have moved to pushing magic mushrooms legalization.

They have made progress elsewhere. For example, Oregon and Colorado have both decriminalized shrooms. Oregon began the process earlier, while Colorado did so last November. Several cities have also passed measures to decriminalize shrooms.

Mainstream culture is also becoming more open to magic mushrooms. For example, noted author Michael Pollan wrote a book called “How to Change Your Mind” about magic mushrooms which has been made into a Netflix documentary mini-series.

Legacy Shrooms Market Blooming

A large underground magic mushroom market of legacy operators has been developing. Some cannabis legacy operators have taken to selling magic mushrooms as well.

A variety of forms can be found in the legacy market. While the traditional caps and stems of magic mushrooms are popular, there are more advanced forms. Some have taken to putting shrooms in capsules that make dosing easier.

Many others sell chocolate bars with mushrooms, like some Hershey bars have almonds. The chocolate masks the taste of mushrooms which some do not like. It also provides a way to dose properly. For example, if one is looking to improve their motivation, they might try a square or two as a microdose. Those looking for a more profound or enjoyable experience could take more dosage by taking more squares.

Like many underground cannabis products, some vendors have begun to develop brands complete with logos and mascots.

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