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TerrAscend NJ Completes Massive Indoor Grow Facility

TerrAscend NJ announced they finished the second phase of construction at its cultivation facility in Boonton, NJ, and have opened their indoor grow facility.

They constructed an indoor cultivation facility site that is about 80,000 square feet. TerrAscend NJ previously had a greenhouse facility where they grew their first crop. With the two facilities, they now have about 140,000 sq ft devoted to growing. They could add another 100,000 sq ft in the future.

“The New Jersey cannabis market represents a substantial growth opportunity for TerrAscend,” said Executive Chairman of TerrAscend Jason Ackerman. “With the completion of this expansion, we have significantly scaled up our cultivation footprint to meet current demand.”

The greenhouse where they have been growing is about 40,000 square feet. They began growing cannabis in August.

TerrAscend NJ’s Operation

TerrAscend NJ Cultivation Manager /Head Grower Nick D’Amelio said the indoor facility is already up and running. So far, the indoor grow occupies a few rooms in the facility since they need to finish the irrigation system to water the plants.

“It’s pretty fricking big,” D’Amelio joked.

He is managing both the indoor and outdoor grows.

“I’m super excited. I’ve been waiting almost two years for this,” D’Amelio said regarding the indoor grow facility. “It’s definitely worth it in the end.”

He noted that with an indoor grow, they have better control over the different variables.

“You can pretty much optimize and grow,” D’Amelio said.

He noted that such controls allow them to improve the plant’s overall quality. He explained that indoor growing would likely be easier but with different obstacles. For example, an indoor grow has a lot more automation and needs more maintenance.

Indoor Grow in Boonton

“My staff here has been absolutely amazing,” D’Amelio said regarding their efforts. He manages a team of 20 working in the greenhouse and indoor grow facilities.

TerrAscend NJ plans to grow and sell a variety of products produced from the new indoor grow. They want to make pre-rolls, tinctures, extracted distillate, vape oil, and topicals along with flower.

They plan to open two more dispensaries within the next six months.

Their dispensary, the Apothecarium, opened in Phillipsburg, NJ, last November and became the 13th dispensary location in New Jersey. They planned to open two more locations in 2021. TerrAscend is a publicly-traded company on the Canadian Stock Exchange.

NJ and Medical Cannabis

The announcement that a massive grow facility will start growing should be good news to NJ cannabis patients, enthusiasts, and aficionados since many prefer indoor-grown cannabis.

It is widely acknowledged that New Jersey’s medical cannabis program lacks high-quality, affordable cannabis. Many of the dispensaries peddle Curaleaf’s product, which is not top-notch.

What’s worse, there are not many strains (or cultivars). Cannabis is such a fascinating and nuanced plant. Different cultivars can treat wildly different symptoms. The limited variety in New Jersey is especially frustrating for someone seeking a rare cultivar to treat more than one condition. Growing cannabis at home or homegrow is a much more serious crime than a possession charge.

It forces more than one law-abiding patient to turn to the underground market to meet their health needs. Or they do not become a patient. $350 an ounce regularly is too much money for those who can cope with a chronic condition, even if it severely diminishes their quality of life.

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