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Thrive Flower Provides High-Quality CBD Products and Believes in Sustaining Local Economy


Thrive Flower is a company based in Philadelphia that sells high-quality lab-tested CBD products at affordable prices and works with local vendors.

Co-founder Jake Wolff explained Thrive Flower was launched in March 2019 when they saw an opportunity in the market. Part of the problem with CBD is there are many scammy products on the market. For example, experts agree gas stations and convenience stores are not selling premium CBD products.

“Were friends who knew about benefits of CBD for a year before and jumped out on it at the perfect time,” Wolff said.

While studying at Temple University in Philadelphia, Wolff’s brother Judd met his friends Curtis Matthias and Colby Mills. The four of them decided to launch the business together. They believed in the cannabinoids behind it and thought they could create a high-quality brand and product compared to what was already out on the market. The partners developed their products for six months before launching the business.

Prior to launching Thrive Flower, Matthias was already involved in the cannabis industry with a venture called Mayoral Quartz, making American-made quartz bangers for dabbing rigs. 

Doing Business Locally

Thrive Flower strongly believes in the benefits of working with local companies. For example, they source their hemp to create CBD products from Pennsylvania farmers in Lancaster and Perkasie, PA.

They are also focused on selling their products locally. Thus, Thrive Flower often participates in local events like the Center City Christmas village in downtown Philly and Stroll the Street in the Manayunk neighborhood of the city.

In addition, they have deals with stores in the Philly area in Pennsauken and Oaklyn in Camden County that sell their products.

Thrive Flower was among the vendors at the Boardwalk Budz convention last month.

They are currently online-based but are looking for a storefront.

Thrive Flower’s High-Quality CBD Products

Wolff says their products give their customers a huge bang for their buck.

They believe in providing the highest quality products to their customers. Therefore, Thrive Flower has extensive Certificates of Analysis (COAs) for all their products to verify their properties.

Wolff said they seek to be as truthful as possible about the quality of their product by submitting their batches for evaluation and securing high scores on the lab testing website RealTestedCBD.com.

“They do the job the government should be doing,” Wolff said about the website.

Wolff noted many companies don’t verify the nature of their products. He explained that since the CBD market is unregulated and there is a low barrier to entry, it has created many companies selling low-quality products.

Thrive Flower doesn’t make any health claims regarding CBD since the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) threatened action against companies that do so in 2019.

Wolff noted they take pride in their CBD’s testing and the reasonable price of their range of products. For example, they recently released indoor grown CBD flower that has enhanced cannabinoid and terpene profiles, making a higher quality smoke than CBD grown outside.

Thrive Flower also specializes in full-spectrum oil at different strengths. For example, they have a 1000 mg CBD pain salve that is popular.

They also sell a 3500 mg CBD oil tincture.

However, Thrive Flower always recommends 750 mg CBD salves to new users.

They take pride in helping educate people on the beneficial uses of cannabis in general.

Thrive Flower Wholesale for Local Retailers

Thrive Flower wants to work with local retailers interested in selling high-quality CBD products. It is their goal to spread brand awareness in the local community and so they want to branch out into their neighbor state of New Jersey.

If you own a store in the New Jersey area and would like a local high-quality CBD brand in your shop, Thrive Flower is an excellent choice with amazing customer reviews. You can contact them through the “contact us” page of their website.”

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