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Twitter’s New Cannabis Ads Policy: Opportunities and Challenges for Marketers

Twitter recently announced changes to its cannabis ads policy. The new policy allows advertisers to promote legal cannabis products and services. Cannabis marketers may also advertise to target audiences in states where such activities are permitted by law.

The new Twitter policy is a major, groundbreaking, and significant step forward for the cannabis industry. The legal cannabis industry has faced various restrictions and obstacles for advertising and marketing on most platforms.

Facebook also previously stated it would be relaxing cannabis search terms and results a while back. However, few improvements are noticeable on Facebook regarding cannabis advertising since they announced their decision a while ago.

Today, we will provide an overview of the key features of the policy, discussing its potential benefits and drawbacks. Read to the end for strategies for optimizing your cannabis advertising on Twitter.

The New Twitter Cannabis Advertising Policy

Under the new policy, Twitter will allow ads promoting cannabis and related products and services to target audiences. Advertisers can only target states where cannabis is legal for medical or adult-use purposes. 

However, cannabis advertisers on Twitter must comply with several requirements and restrictions, such as:

  • Being certified by Twitter as a licensed cannabis advertiser.
  • Providing specific disclosures in their ads, such as age-gating and disclaimers about the nature and legality of their offerings.
  • Complying with all applicable laws and regulations. This includes those related to the promotion of controlled substances and the protection of consumer privacy and data.

The policy also excludes certain types of products and services from advertising on Twitter. Some excluded cannabis products as cannabis-infused edibles and beverages, vaping products, and products that contain CBD derived from non-hemp sources.

Opportunities for Twitter Cannabis Advertisers

The new policy opens up new opportunities for cannabis businesses to reach their target audiences on Twitter. Twitter has a very large and diverse user base across demographic and interest groups. By leveraging Twitter’s targeting capabilities, advertisers can tailor their messages to specific segments. Consider subgroups or niche audiences such as medical cannabis patients, adult-use consumers, or cannabis enthusiasts.

Twitter has several ad formats, such as promoted tweets, promoted accounts, and promoted trends. These ad methods can also help cannabis businesses increase their brand awareness, generate leads, and drive website traffic.

Moreover, Twitter’s real-time and interactive nature can facilitate engagement and feedback from consumers. Real-time data allows businesses to adjust their messaging and offers based on customer preferences and feedback.

Challenges for Twitter Cannabis Advertisers

While the new policy offers many benefits for cannabis advertisers, it also poses some challenges and risks. Businesses should be aware of these challenges and risks in cannabis marketing.

One major challenge is the complex and evolving legal landscape surrounding cannabis advertising. Cannabis laws and regulations vary by state and also federal laws and regulations. Advertisers must ensure that their ads comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Compliance includes those related to the labeling, packaging, and testing of cannabis products.

Another challenge is the potential for ad rejection or account suspension by Twitter for non-compliance or violations of its policies. Advertisers must carefully review and follow Twitter’s guidelines and instructions for cannabis advertising. Compliance review requires a thorough understanding of the nature and limitations of cannabis-related messaging and visuals.

United States Twitter Cannabis Policy

Twitter permits approved Cannabis (including CBD – cannabinoids) advertisers to target the United States, subject to the following restrictions:

  • Advertisers must be licensed by the appropriate authorities and pre-authorized by Twitter.
  • Advertisers may only target jurisdictions in which they are licensed to promote these products or services online.
  • Advertisers may not promote or offer the sale of Cannabis (including CBD– cannabinoids)
  • Advertisers are responsible for complying with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, and advertising guidelines.
  • Advertisers may not target customers under the age of 21.

Any advertisement for Cannabis (including CBD– cannabinoids) content that is allowed, subject to the above restrictions, must, in addition:

  • Not appeal to minors in the creative, and landing pages must be age-gated and sales must be age verified.
  • Not use characters, sports persons, celebrities, or images/icons appealing to minors. 
  • Not use minors or pregnant women as models in advertising. 
  • Not make claims of efficacy or health benefits.
  • Not make false/misleading claims.
  • Not show depiction of cannabis product use.
  • Not depict people using or under the influence.
  • Not encourage transport across state lines.

Strategies for Optimizing Cannabis Advertising on Twitter

To maximize the benefits and minimize the risks of advertising cannabis on Twitter, businesses should consider the following strategies:

  • Conduct thorough research on your target audience and their preferences, behaviors, and attitudes toward cannabis.
  • Develop a clear and compelling brand message that resonates with your audience and aligns with your business goals and values.
  • Create visually appealing and informative ad content that complies with Twitter’s policies and stands out from the competition.
  • Test and refine your ads through A/B testing and other measurement and evaluation techniques. Track click-through rates, engagement rates, and conversion rates.
  • Monitor and respond to customer feedback and complaints in a timely and professional manner. Use Twitter’s tools and best practices for social media management.

Twitter Cannabis Advertising Policy

Twitter’s new cannabis ads policy is a positive development for the cannabis industry. The policy offers new opportunities for businesses to reach their target audiences and promote their offerings and services.

However, as with any new policy, it also poses challenges and risks. Businesses must navigate carefully to avoid potential legal and reputational issues.

By following the strategies outlined in this article, businesses can optimize their cannabis advertising on Twitter. Remember to stay current with the latest industry trends and regulations. Work with experienced and knowledgeable partners to ensure the success of your marketing campaigns.

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