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Jersey Jane’s Vape & Smoke Shop in Sussex County Navigates Legalization


Jersey Jane's

On a beautiful drive in Stockholm in northern Sussex County, you will find Jersey Jane’s Vape & Smoke Shop, a small business navigating the cannabis legalization era. 

Heady NJ’s DOMFATHER caught up with Nick Krukovsky at his store in Stockholm, NJ, on Rt. 23. Upon entering the store, I knew Nick was one of us: well-versed in the culture and the products he sells to consumers. The store has a vast array of products, heady glass, smoke accessories, CBD, and anything your average cannabis consumer could enjoy. While based in Sussex County, they are happy to ship products bought on their online store!

Jersey Jane’s best-selling products are functional glass, edibles, and vapes. Since opening, Nick has seen the laws constantly change. It’s a process to keep up with everything in nicotine vape law and cannabis legalization, drastically changing the landscape of products Jersey Jane’s carries.

Jersey Jane's

Along with his good friend “Dr. Church,” they developed their brand and trademarked their Intellectual Property to diversify their income. He also created a natural resin blocker !

Nick is a New York City native who was raised in Jersey City. After college, he pursued a career in insurance and financial services. Nick spent 20 years in senior management before realizing the suit and tie look was not for him. 

He has always been in the cannabis space in some capacity, but it was not until 2018 that he saw a retail space available just one mile from his home. Things progressed quickly, and early 2019 saw the birth of Jersey Jane’s.

Nick says it’s tougher now as a small business owner because everyone wants to open a smoke shop after legalization. There were only two in his area before. Now there are over six within five miles. Even with a lengthy amount of experience, he is uncertain about his future in New Jersey.

Jersey Jane’s and Cannabis Legalization

Nick and Dr. Church have built a team together to secure an adult-use cannabis dispensary license. But Sussex County is very conservative, and few towns have approved allowing cannabis dispensaries. The ones who did approve retail have little commercial real estate available in the zoned areas. Despite Jersey Jane’s deploying multiple realtors, they have not found a good place.

Nick would love a second smoke shop but is weary due to the competition popping up. For now, product development is a priority, along with keeping his brand ahead of the game by being one of the most authentic and knowledgeable in the area.

Jersey Jane’s was a vibe, from the music to the atmosphere, to the customers I saw walk in that Nick seemed to know like friends. His product knowledge, variety in stock, and overall passion for his store and brand spoke for themselves. 

They are working on a few more products but would not disclose any more information. So stay tuned and give them a follow.

As a small business, we are honored to shine a light and work with stores and brands like Jersey Jane’s and people like Nick Krukovsky, who are in this for the right reasons.

(Full disclosure this is part of an ad deal package. Dom can be reached at [email protected].)

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