Elon Musk Tweets About Essential Cannabis and Criminal Justice Reform


Elon Musk criminal justice reform

Entrepreneur and tech whiz Elon Musk tweeted in favor of “essential” cannabis and the need for criminal justice reform on Saturday.

He noted that while the cannabis industry has largely been deemed “essential” during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many prisoners for cannabis crimes remain locked up in jail. 

The issue of the Multi-State Operators (MSO) and the larger interests seeming indifferent to criminal justice reform and the hustlers who created a demand for cannabis enrages many cannabis advocates and entrepreneurs, especially those who have fought for reform the longest. And with the recent Black Lives Matter protests, we have seen that major criminal justice reform is long overdue in the United States. 

The Last Prisoner Project led by Steve DeAngelo seeks to address this directly by seeking to get all prisoners convicted on cannabis-related crimes out of jail. DeAngelo responded to Musk’s tweet advertising that fact. 

While Elon Musk said his opinion might be controversial, according to Quinnipiac University, 63 percent of Americans agree with him. 

Elon Musk has 35 million Twitter followers. He is not known to have formally invested in the cannabis industry.

He spoke on Joe Rogan’s show last year about cannabis reform. Musk even smoked a joint on the show. Being shot in California, it was not illegal. The appearance threw the world into tumult. It also caused his company Tesla’s stock to go down due to prohibitionist attitudes in the stock market.

Rogan himself is a great advocate of cannabis reform.

The World of Elon Musk

Elon Musk has a knack for getting himself in the news. 

His company SpaceX recently launched astronauts into space while working with NASA. NASA has been crumbling for years unfortunately which gave Elon Musk an opportunity to step in with SpaceX. Apparently NASA has been relying on Russia to get astronauts to the international space station!

And his singer wife Grimes gave birth to a baby girl. They gave the girl an absurd name of “X Æ A-12”. Each part of it is an obscure symbol. But it’s just pronounced “Sasha”. So while confusing, it’s not hard to say.

Musk also complained about the shutdown due to COVID-19 and threatened to rebel against it. 

He is known for a variety of strange views combining together and making his electric car company Tesla for example. Being a highly intelligent individual born in South Africa, he has generated a great deal of news based on simple tweets on issues besides cannabis.

Elon Musk is almost like a comic book scientist, like Tony Stark or Dr. Doom. Like Tony Stark, he is a flamboyant figure that attracts a great deal of media attention due to their tech companies and lifestyles.

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