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NJ Cannabis Investment Expo CannaOne Next Monday to Wednesday at Edison Expo Center

The 2022 CannaOne New Jersey Cannabis Investment Expo will take place next Monday to Wednesday at the New Jersey Convention Center in Edison.

It is a business conference focused on the Business 2 Business (B2B) businesspeople and professionals. Thus it’s similar to many of New Jersey’s cannabis conferences. It is specifically focused on those who have and want adult-use cannabis licenses.

“New Jersey Cannabis Expo/Cannabis Investment Expo provides industry professionals the opportunity to attend a premier forum for dispensary owners, growers, suppliers, investors, medical professionals, universities/researchers, consultants, government regulators, legal counsel, entrepreneurs, and other ancillary service-based entities,” said CannaOne Executive Show Director Jessica Lane. “As the industry continues to undergo enormous evolution and expansion, we remain committed to evolving along with it to deliver the best value and business resources for exhibitors, attendees, and partners.”

Many cannabis industry professionals from elsewhere will be coming to speak about their experience.

New Jersey Cannabis Investment Schedule

The New Jersey Cannabis Investment Expo said attendees will be able to make the right contacts and gain the resources needed to make it in the industry. They can learn about the newest advances in cannabis operations and cannabis investment as industry leaders join from all over the country.

A New Jersey Cannabis Expo ticket provides access to the Cannabis Investment Expo too. Visit the company booths, and learn about new products and services for those needing capital support in cannabis as the New Jersey Cannabis industry emerges.

Learn from the best and grow your knowledge so you can grow your business.

On Monday, they will have a panel on “Securing Investments and Successfully Planning and Applying for a License.” While a bonus, it is only available with the purchase of a paid workshop ticket. The workshop will teach strategies and tactics. It will be on the critical areas of raising capital, risk assessment, and business and financial planning.

CannaOne said attendees will receive guidance for securing, transferring, and selling cannabis licenses. There will also be classes on converting conditional licenses to annual licenses. New Jersey cannabis investment is a serious issue.

Jersey City Cannabis Control Board Attorney Ron Mondello, businessman Darrin Chandler and real estate agent Colby Piper of Ripco are holding a class on local approval. It is a significant obstacle for many.

There are many other interesting panels as well.

NJ CannaBusiness Association Ed DeVeaux and Achio Capital Partners Pritesh Kumar are the keynote speakers.

B2B Trade Show

CannaOne is a business-to-business (B2B) based trade show event company for the legal cannabis industry. Their events are held in the world’s largest media, financial, and business markets.

CannaOne enables professionals within the cannabis and hemp industries to serve their communities, strengthen their businesses and seize new opportunities. They do so through advocacy, education, and innovation.

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