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Gifted Jawns is a gifting cannabis delivery service operating in Deptford in Gloucester County. They are eager to apply for a vertical license and expand.

Jawn” is Philadelphia area slang that could mean any place or thing that is desirable, especially a joint.

Some cannabis delivery companies are focused on serving their immediate geographic area. But Gifted Jawns has expanded to cover Central and North Jersey as well as their base in South Jersey.

Gifted Jawns co-owner, who wished only to be known as Mark, said their drivers are very motivated. They are eager to see the company expand.

“A lot of my drivers they’re excited to explore more places in New Jersey,” Mark said.

Along with Mark and his partner, Gifted Jawns has five employees.

“So far, so good. We have a lot of happy customers. We’re just looking forward to the future, getting more gifts to more people,” Mark said in terms of the business. “We’re ready to expand,” he said.


Mark said a gifting service operated in Washington, DC’s similar gray market inspired him to open before receiving a license.

While Washington passed a cannabis legalization referendum in 2014, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives didn’t allow them to set up rules for their market. Thus, a massive gifting gray market was established.

“Dude, these are the same kind of laws,” he noted.

Thus, Gifted Jawns was launched. They have an attorney on retainer just in case. He encouraged them to go business when Mark sought his advice.

The gifting loophole appears legitimate since the referendum to amend the New Jersey constitution said legal sales would start January 1st regardless of whether legislation to regulate the market was passed in time.

Governor Phil Murphy is in the midst of a re-election campaign. He is enjoying the full support of his progressive and moderate establishment Democratic allies. Murphy does not appear eager to crack down on gifting entrepreneurs. Moreover, NJ Cannabis Regulatory Commission (CRC) Chair Dianna Houenou has encouraged cannabis entrepreneur Ed “NJWeedman” Forchion and gifting entrepreneurs inspired by him to apply for a license.

Making Moves

They are interested in getting a vertical license.

“I’m down for the whole thing if I can,” he said.

After Colorado legalized adult-use cannabis, Mark moved out there and worked with a friend on his edibles business. He has been in the industry for several years. Thus Mark has built a network of friends he can leverage for Gifted Jawns to compete for a vertical license. Most gifting entrepreneurs are focused on securing a micro license. They want a single class of license for a dispensary, cannabis delivery, or manufacturing.

“I think we might be ready,” he said.

Mark is willing to adapt to the new law and comply with regulations.

“We’ve been actually saving the money through each individual purchase for taxes. We’re ready to pay taxes upfront and proceed further with the licensing,” he said. “There’s just no way to do that yet.”

Operating a Cannabis Delivery Company

Mark said they keep their prices competitive. Gifted Jawns has made deals with business owners they’re friends with making high-quality products. He explained they “try to get the best of the best” in terms of product for their customers.

“We’re for the people,” he said.

They sell a wide range of cannabis products. Those include distillates, vapes, and flower at a range of prices for the mass market and high-end clientele.

Mark said they have “a little something for everybody.”

They specialize in concentrates such as solventless hash rosin, live rosin, BHO stuff, shatter, and solventless cartridges (or carts). Concentrates are also close to Mark’s heart.

“Dabs are definitely are part of my daily living. So, if I can help the next guy looking for some, I’m definitely willing to do that,” Mark noted.

“The demand is higher than the supply,” he noted.

He understands the cost issue from the perspective of customers and patients who cannot afford the costs associated with becoming an official medical cannabis patient.

“I got family myself that’s struggling,” he noted.

He lamented the high taxation rate and cost of red tape and profit margin incorporated into dispensary prices.

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