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NJ Dispensary Rapid Openings Continue with Baked By the River, Voltaire Cannabis, Hello High, Pure Blossom

New Jersey cannabis dispensaries have continued opening rapidly with Baked By the River dispensary, Voltaire Cannabis, Hello High dispensary, and Pure Blossom dispensary.

Thus, 65 New Jersey adult use cannabis dispensaries are now open. After years of different difficult delays, they have all been opening quickly, one after another. It used to take months between dispensaries opening. At this pace, New Jersey will see at least one adult-use cannabis business open every week for the next two years.

Baked By the River Dispensary is Holding Grand Opening Saturday in Lambertville

The microbusiness Baked by the River Dispensary will open at 8 Church Street in a historic firehouse in downtown Lambertville in Hunterdon County tomorrow, Saturday, December 16th.

It will feature product discounts from 3-7 PM as well as special performances of a drag show, live music, and art demonstrations.

Baked by the River pledged to pay a living wage in their New Jersey cannabis license application process. They have committed to paying workers $25 an hour.

Business and romantic partners Jesse Marie Villars and Cord Schlobohm own and operate Lambertville’s first local, independently owned, and justice-impacted small business dispensary. Villars is the majority owner of Baked By The River Dispensary. So it’s woman-owned.

“We are longtime cannabis activists who are grateful for the chance to go from legacy to legal. Baked by the River first started as a cannabis edibles and education service. We are committed cannabis patients, consumers, advocates, and educators. Only products that show a commitment to social equity and justice, the environment, and the greater community are on our shelves,” Villars declared.

They were Social Equity license applicants who were supposed to be prioritized in the New Jersey cannabis licensing process. Instead, Union Chill, a Multi-State Operator (MSO) cannabis corporation active in New York, beat them to opening in Lambertville by several months.

Nonetheless, Baked By The River persisted by being very active. Villars commented at NJ Cannabis Regulatory Commission (NJ-CRC) meetings more than once, which helped with the process.

Over the years, Villars and Schlobohm have formed strong relationships with small cultivators. Baked by the River is also close to artisan manufacturers who produce concentrates and tinctures. They are deeply committed to working with underground legacy-owned and operated businesses and featuring products from social equity operators.

Pushing Cannabis Legalization in Lambertville

When New Jersey approved adult use, towns were allowed to opt out of allowing licensed cannabis businesses, which initially included Lambertville. An avid activist, Villars worked closely with the local community to overturn the initial proposed ban, paving the way for retail to be allowed in the popular tourist destination town.

Dedication to the community and activism is reflected throughout Baked by the River’s approach. Villars Schlobohm worked carefully with the local historical preservation society and has hired both from the local community and Trenton, the nearest designated impact zone hurt by the War on Drugs.

Villars and Schlobohm were both directly harmed by the War on Drugs. The dedicated educators and activists were punished by the outdated systems that penalized people and the plant. For over a decade, Villars, a medical cannabis patient herself, baked to serve other patients in her community. 

Also, Villars has been actively working on transportation options between the two cities since there is no consistent public transportation service.

Voltaire Cannabis Dispensary Grand Opening Saturday

The Voltaire Cannabis Dispensary is holding its Grand Opening on Saturday in Mount Holly in Burlington County.

It will feature DJ Mr. Miami, the Spirit of San Juan food truck, multiple raffles for big prizes, and a 20% discount on all products.

Nestled in downtown Mount Holly, Voltaire wants to redefine the cannabis retail landscape by focusing on “authentic community engagement and providing meticulously curated products by expert cannaessieurs. All within an elegant atmosphere welcoming cannabis enthusiasts and newcomers alike.”

“Voltaire represents a philosophy of enjoying life while doing good in the world. We believe in the power of cannabis to bring people together and improve lives”, declared CEO Leo Ashe. “This is not just a business for us. It’s a way to challenge industry norms and contribute to the well-being of our community.”

The Voltaire Cannabis Dispensary is open daily from 10 AM to 9 PM. They have free on-site parking available. Customers can order online for pick-up, and the option for delivery will be coming soon.


Voltaire Cannabis Dispensary calls itself a self-funded family business owned and operated by South Jersey natives. They say they have no affiliations or connections to outside interests. Thus, that should ensure it remains firmly rooted in its South Jersey origins.

From the welcoming ambiance to the carefully curated product selection, every aspect of Voltaire has been carefully crafted with the community in mind.

“Voltaire is a labor of love that began five years ago. It’s not simply a marketplace for quality cannabis; it’s an experience and a space for the community to come together and grow.”

The NJ-CRC sent the dispensary’s conditional license award letter to Lonnie “Leo Ashe” Affrime of Cherry Hill in Camden County.

Voltaire Cannabis is a woman and minority-owned (WMBE), Jersey-owned and operated company. Ashe’s Chinese wife, Yen Tong, is the majority owner. Their old friends Alice Bolur and Erika Mears also own shares. Ashe has 15 percent and draws a salary as the CEO.

He was a Bernie Sanders for President delegate to the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

Ashe was an ardent cannabis advocate on the local level in Cherry Hill.

They were among those caught in the awful limbo of the 2019 to 2021 medical cannabis license round, which lasted 29 months due to COVID and a lawsuit alleging mismanagement.


Philanthropy and community engagement are at the core of Voltaire’s mission.

Voltaire will donate money to address inequality and climate change to help the community. From supporting local charities to sponsoring community events, Voltaire is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen while breaking down stigmas and promoting responsible use.

“We believe that success is not just measured in profits, but in the positive impact, we can make on the community and the world. Voltaire is committed to creating opportunities for underrepresented groups and fostering an inclusive environment within the cannabis space.”

Voltaire was a French progressive philosopher in the 1700s during the Enlightenment Era.

Pure Blossom Dispensary Opens in Mercer County

Pure Bloss Dispensary opened in the Pennington section of Hopewell Township in Mercer County.

They say they’re women-owned and operated on their Instagram page.

Pure Blossom Dispensary has been open long enough to get Reddit reviews.

It won an annual New Jersey cannabis dispensary license needed to open at the NJ-CRC’s August meeting. The NJ-CRC sent their condition cannabis dispensary license award letter to Diana Zita of Pennington last June.

The company Pure Blossom Dispensary won local approval from Hopewell Township last April. Zita said at the meeting they’re a micro business. She was vocal during their legalization implementation ordinance process last January and February.

Hopewell Township is different than Hopewell Borough, which had a shady cannabis licensing process.

Hello High Dispensary Opens in Hammonton

The Hello High Dispensary has opened in Hammonton in Atlantic County.

They plan to start delivering cannabis goods soon. According to their Facebook page, it is free with purchase. Many of the newer adult use cannabis dispensaries opening in New Jersey have similar policies, like The Cannabis Place in Jersey City and the Camden Apothecary in the City of Camden.

Most of the original New Jersey medical cannabis dispensaries took years to think about starting delivery.

Hello High Dispensary had its name changed and approved by the NJ-CRC from Royal Highness Dispensary to Hello High Dispensary LLC. The notification letter was sent to Adam Seigel in Sewell in Gloucester County.

They won their annual New Jersey cannabis dispensary license needed to operate last October from the NJ-CRC.

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