NJCRC OKs 297 Conditional Cannabis Licenses, 18 Annuals


NJCRC cannabis licenses awarded NJ

The New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission (NJCRC) approved more than 300 adult-use cannabis licenses during their first live/hybrid meeting.

It was held at the Civil Service Commission building in downtown Trenton.

“It’s good to see everyone in person,” NJCRC Chair Diana Houenou said.

People were in the audience hoping to win. Along with locals, there were also minority businesspeople from elsewhere hoping to see their company name on the big screen. No one is informed before it is publicly announced, making it like a mad raffle.

Licenses Awarded by the NJCRC

Two-hundred and ninety-seven conditional adult-use cannabis licenses were awarded. Several in the crowd cheered at winning.

1937 3 Buds Holding Company LLC Cultivator Micro
2 2232 420 Organics LLC Cultivator Micro
3 1357 Apical Flora LLC Cultivator Micro
4 1006 Boulder Labs LLC Cultivator Micro
5 2142 Clarity Cut Exotics Cultivator Micro
6 1957 Culture Craft Cannabis Collective LLC Cultivator Micro
7 1233 Elev8d LLC Cultivator Micro
8 1285 Galaxy Cultivation LLC Cultivator Micro
9 1284 GDS Grow House LLC Cultivator Micro
10 2209 Genuine Grow LLC Cultivator Micro
11 1950 Glue Lagoon Farms Cultivator Micro
12 1354 Great Feeling Farms LLP Cultivator Micro
13 2248 Green Group Grows NJ Cultivator Micro
14 2130 HiBlend LLC Cultivator Micro
15 1941 Home Grown Provisions LLC Cultivator Micro
16 1290 Itplants LLC Cultivator Micro
17 1916 Jersey Joints Cannabis Inc Cultivator Micro
18 2031 NJ Pro Growers LLC Cultivator Micro
19 1888 Premier Growers LLC Cultivator Micro
20 1838 Proper Releaf LLC Cultivator Micro
21 2068 Pudas Pot Incorporated Cultivator Micro
22 1567 Remedy Oil LLP Cultivator Micro
23 1190 Sycamore Grove LLC Cultivator Micro
24 2268 Third Eye Farms LLC Cultivator Micro
25 2173 Top Shelf NJ Cultivator Micro

More Winners

26 1026 Viridescent Labs LLC Cultivator Micro
27 1361 West Orange Farms Cultivator Micro
28 1135 White Lily Cultivator Micro
29 2249 Nimbus Farms Inc Cultivator Standard
30 1127 ATH-NJ LLC Cultivator Standard
31 1383 Aurora Green LLC Cultivator Standard
32 2160 Bear Built LLC Cultivator Standard
33 2202 Bliss New Jersey, Inc. Cultivator Standard
34 2318 Canna Method NJ LLC Cultivator Standard
35 2270 Canna P Farms Cultivator Standard
36 1151 Colleen Candy Company, LLC Cultivator Standard
37 1183 Enso N.J. LLC Cultivator Standard
38 1314 Essential Cannabis Company LLC Cultivator Standard
39 1014 Fresh Cut Cannabis, Inc. Cultivator Standard
40 1345 Fresh Grow LLC Cultivator Standard
41 1084 FSBT Holdings 1, Inc Cultivator Standard
42 1124 Grass State Nutrition, LLC Cultivator Standard
43 1390 Green Acres Group, Ltd Cultivator Standard
44 1277 Green Violet LLC Cultivator Standard
45 1342 HomeGrower ACNJ, Inc. Cultivator Standard
46 1638 Hope Holistic Healthcare Cultivator Standard
47 1219 Illicit Gardens LLC Cultivator Standard
48 1065 Jessika Mialaa Cultivator Standard
49 1240 LBOZ LLC Cultivator Standard
50 1088 Maria Rosa Canna LLC Cultivator Standard

Range of Cannabis Companies Win

51 1155 MB1 Industries LLC Cultivator Standard
52 2234 Mojo Botanica LLC Cultivator Standard
53 1366 Newton Agriculture LLC Cultivator Standard
54 1182 Nuvez Cultivator Standard
55 1994 Organic Green Buds LLC Cultivator Standard
56 2214 Pizza Bagel Farms LLC Cultivator Standard
57 1352 Royal Beverages, LLC Cultivator Standard
58 1054 Sara’s Buds LLC Cultivator Standard
59 1765 Tree Tribe Grow LLC Cultivator Standard
60 1933 Trileaf Labs LLC Cultivator Standard
61 1775 Unity Alternative Therapy of NJ LLC Cultivator Standard
62 1386 Veda Farms LLC Cultivator Standard
63 2228 Verdure Ventures LLC Cultivator Standard
64 1260 Vernon Farms LLC Cultivator Standard
65 1388 Veronica Harvest LLC Cultivator Standard
66 2302 Canna Caviar LLC Manufacturer Micro
67 1353 Cedar Fairmont Health Cultivators Manufacturer Micro
68 1986 Little Leaf Labs, LLC Manufacturer Micro
69 1889 Premier Growers LLC Manufacturer Micro
70 2213 Pulse Manufacturing LLC Manufacturer Micro
71 1580 Remedy Oil LLP Manufacturer Micro
72 1254 The Baggage Claim LLC Manufacturer Micro
73 1349 ABCO Garden State LLC Manufacturer Standard
74 2196 Alb Labs LLC Manufacturer Standard
75 1019 Apothca Cultivation Incorporated Manufacturer Standard

More NJ Cannabis License Winners

76 1753 Argent NJ Ventures INC Manufacturer Standard
77 1126 ATH-NJ LLC Manufacturer Standard
78 1313 Avalon Extracts LLC Manufacturer Standard
79 2161 Bear Built LLC Manufacturer Standard
80 2203 Bliss New Jersey, Inc. Manufacturer Standard
81 1229 Bommer’s Goods LLC Manufacturer Standard
82 1011 Boss Greens LLC Manufacturer Standard
83 2319 Canna Method NJ LLC Manufacturer Standard
84 2271 Canna P Farms Manufacturer Standard
85 1790 Cannabilities Manufacturer Standard
86 2089 CannPowerment LLC Manufacturer Standard
87 1107 Community Growth Partners New Jersey LLC Manufacturer Standard
88 2279 CVC New Jersey LLC Manufacturer Standard
89 1264 DMW Holdings LLC Manufacturer Standard
90 1204 Enso N.J. LLC Manufacturer Standard
91 1078 Garden Society NJ LLC Manufacturer Standard
92 1123 Grass State Nutrition, LLC Manufacturer Standard
93 1309 Green Violet LLC Manufacturer Standard
94 2320 Grotech Farms LLC Manufacturer Standard
95 2258 Jamm Brands LLC Manufacturer Standard
96 1245 Jersey Extraction Lab LLC Manufacturer Standard
97 1410 Jersey Island Wellness LLC Manufacturer Standard
98 2233 Mojo Botanica LLC Manufacturer Standard
99 1279 Notum New Jersey Inc Manufacturer Standard
100 2313 Nuvez Manufacturer Standard
101 1181 OGeez Brands NJ LLC Manufacturer Standard

Many Manufacturing Licenses Issued

102 2212 Patterson Partners of New Jersey LLC Manufacturer Standard
103 2277 Premium Genetics Partners LLC Manufacturer Standard
104 1275 Royal Dynastic Organics LLC Manufacturer Standard
105 1283 RRB Extraction LLC Manufacturer Standard
106 1083 Sara’s Buds LLC Manufacturer Standard
107 1526 Sorella Minitura LLC Manufacturer Standard
108 2267 Tiva NJ LLC Manufacturer Standard
109 2229 Verdure Ventures LLC Manufacturer Standard
110 1261 Vernon Farms LLC Manufacturer Standard
111 1387 Veronica Harvest LLC Manufacturer Standard
112 2093 Top of the Pot Dispensary LLC” Retailer Micro
113 1929 ART44CO Retailer Micro
114 1347 Ayo Budz Retailer Micro
115 2285 Black Harvest NJ Retailer Micro
116 1630 Blue Lily Bliss Retailer Micro
117 2076 Blue Violets LLC Retailer Micro
118 2201 Bud It Up Retailer Micro
119 1788 Cannabury Park LLC Retailer Micro
120 1406 Canopy Crossroad Retailer Micro
121 1365 Capital Virtues LLC Retailer Micro
122 2291 City Leaf Corporation Retailer Micro
123 1686 Couslings’ Route 420 LLC Retailer Micro
124 1559 Cumberland Greens Dispensary LLC Retailer Micro
125 2083 Eden Dispensaries LLC Retailer Micro

Many NJ Cannabis Licenses Issued

126 1584 Erini Dispensary LLC Retailer Micro
127 2101 Family Rooted LLC Retailer Micro
128 1477 Favorite Creations, LLC Retailer Micro
129 1758 Golden Door Dispensary, LLC Retailer Micro
130 2218 Got Your Six of New Jersey, LLC Retailer Micro
131 1400 Green Consumables LLC Retailer Micro
132 2099 Green Factory Co Retailer Micro
133 1823 Green Land Health LLC Retailer Micro
134 1601 Happy Bodega, LLC Retailer Micro
135 2073 Haus of Bud Retailer Micro
136 2021 Herbn Legend LLC Retailer Micro
137 2061 Inhale Industries Inc Retailer Micro
138 1412 Jersey Garden Greens Retailer Micro
139 2137 Journal Square Dispensary, LLC Retailer Micro
140 1918 Kreme Of The Pot Retailer Micro
141 2174 Kush Connection LLC Retailer Micro
142 1924 Leafy D’Lites Retailer Micro
143 2135 Main Street Dispensary LLC Retailer Micro
144 1399 Mara Consumables LLC Retailer Micro
145 1925 McKenna Crops LLC Retailer Micro
146 1769 Moe Weed LLC Retailer Micro
147 1977 Natural Cannabuzz shop LLC Retailer Micro
148 2205 Natures Motivation Retailer Micro
149 2299 NJ Budhub Retailer Micro

More NJ Cannabis Licenses Approved

150 1855 NJ Green Scene LLC Retailer Micro
151 1917 Organic Fusion LLC Retailer Micro
152 2246 Planet Oz LLC Retailer Micro
153 2222 Plantopia LLC Retailer Micro
154 1841 Rec House LLC Retailer Micro
155 2235 Royal Smoke LLC Retailer Micro
156 2071 RYC Ent LLC Retailer Micro
157 2272 Salt ALT Air Botanicals LLC Retailer Micro
158 2026 Social Dispensary Retailer Micro
159 1956 Sub-Herban Life, LLC Retailer Micro
160 1770 Sussex Pharms LLC Retailer Micro
161 2283 The Bud Philosophy LLC Retailer Micro
162 1409 The BudEase NJ, LLC Retailer Micro
163 2190 The Canna Club LLC Retailer Micro
164 2124 The Gas Factory LLC Retailer Micro
165 1904 The Haze Company, LLC Retailer Micro
166 1742 The Leaf Joint LLC Retailer Micro
167 1437 Uforia LLC Retailer Micro
168 2126 Victorious Gardens Retailer Micro
169 2251 Far & Dotter Jersey City, LLC Retailer Standard
170 2252 Head Space NJ LLC Retailer Standard
171 2253 Nurturing Leaf LLC Retailer Standard
172 2254 Plug Naturals LLC Retailer Standard
173 2244 Sunnytien LLC Retailer Standard
174 1987 365 Recreational Cannabis LLC Retailer Standard
175 2084 4Twenty Somewhere LP Retailer Standard

Even More NJ Cannabis Licenses Approved

176 2208 Altalune Inc Retailer Standard
177 1680 Anja Life LLC Retailer Standard
178 1502 Arbory Wellness, LLC Retailer Standard
179 1423 Asbury Seaweed LLC Retailer Standard
180 2122 Astronaut Planet World LLC Retailer Standard
181 2030 Benedict’s Supply LLC Retailer Standard
182 1620 Best Buds Marlboro LLC Retailer Standard
183 1554 BestBuds, LLC Retailer Standard
184 2307 Bliss Cannabis LLC Retailer Standard
185 2035 Blue Violet Cannabis LLC Retailer Standard
186 1988 Bountiful Buds Delights Retailer Standard
187 1585 Bridgeton Cannabis LLC Retailer Standard
188 2128 Bud 2 Bloom LLC Retailer Standard
189 1407 BUDZ Prime, LLC Retailer Standard
190 1803 Canna Med of NJ LLC Retailer Standard
191 2311 Citrus NJ LLC Retailer Standard
192 1507 City Leaves LLC Retailer Standard
193 2273 Collingswood Cannabis Co Retailer Standard
194 2260 Colossal Herb NJ Inc Retailer Standard
195 1755 Community Greenhouse LLC Retailer Standard
196 1644 Cookies Harrison LLC Retailer Standard
197 1557 Cultivarx NJ LLC Retailer Standard
198 2188 Culture Jersey City Inc Retailer Standard
199 1435 Curiosity Cannabis Retailer Standard

Many Cannabis Retailer Licenses Issued

200 1894 Davis Pursuit Investments LLC Retailer Standard
201 1528 Decades Dispensary LLC Retailer Standard
202 2290 Del Valle Holistic Center LLC Retailer Standard
203 1812 Dogwood Green LLC Retailer Standard
204 1542 Egg Harbor Cannabis LLC Retailer Standard
205 2259 Ele,Vat Atlantic City LTD Retailer Standard
206 1795 Elevated Herb LLC Retailer Standard
207 1570 Emerald Tea Supply Company LLC Retailer Standard
208 1541 Enlighten Health & Wellness, LLC Retailer Standard
209 2312 Envision Group LLC Retailer Standard
210 1892 Euphoria Cannabis Company LLC Retailer Standard
211 1754 Euphorium Dispensary Inc Retailer Standard
212 1899 Exit 420 LLC Retailer Standard
213 1872 Favorite Flower, LLC Retailer Standard
214 1563 Feeling Green LLC Retailer Standard
215 1511 Fireside Cannabis LLC Retailer Standard
216 2289 Floro Absecon LLC Retailer Standard
217 1875 Fresh Dispensary Eatontown LLC Retailer Standard
218 1627 Garden State Natural Green Inc Retailer Standard
219 1566 Garden State of Mind LLC Retailer Standard
220 2207 Golden Flower Dispensary LLC Retailer Standard
221 1504 Green House Apothecary LLC Retailer Standard
222 2003 Greenewoods Holdings New Jersey, LLC Retailer Standard
223 1494 Greensky Dispensary LLC Retailer Standard
224 1491 Greenstone Apothecary LLC Retailer Standard
225 2204 Hamm and Chaz, LLC Retailer Standard

Many, Many Cannabis Companies Win

226 2276 Happy Cloud Inc Retailer Standard
227 2210 Harvest Corner Inc Retailer Standard
228 1531 Haute Box LLC Retailer Standard
229 1489 Healing Vibes LLC Retailer Standard
230 1901 Herbalicity LLC Retailer Standard
231 2171 Highlands Dispensary LLC Retailer Standard
232 1969 Himan NJ LLC Retailer Standard
233 1674 Holistic Apothecary LLC Retailer Standard
234 2029 Honeybuzz Farms LLC Retailer Standard
235 1976 Hound Town 543 Inc Retailer Standard
236 2310 Indispensable Dispensary LP Retailer Standard
237 1622 JBP Partners Group LLC Retailer Standard
238 1470 Jersey Kush LLC Retailer Standard
239 1496 Jersey Remedies LLC Retailer Standard
240 1582 Jersey Roots Dispensary LLC Retailer Standard
241 1923 Kress Green LLC Retailer Standard
242 2275 KushX, LLC Retailer Standard
243 2133 Legacy to Lifted, LLC Retailer Standard
244 2051 Liberty Flower Company Retailer Standard
245 2134 Lifted Vision LLC Retailer Standard
246 1415 Local Modiv, LLC Retailer Standard
247 1618 Main Property Holdings NJ LLC Retailer Standard
248 1550 Mass Grown LLC Retailer Standard
249 1561 Modena Partners LLC Retailer Standard
250 1608 Moodi Day LLC Retailer Standard

More Licenses Approved

251 1552 Neighborhood Greens Corp Retailer Standard
252 2013 Neon Heights LLC Retailer Standard
253 1516 New Frontier Solutions LLC Retailer Standard
254 1472 Nikita Brothers Retailer Standard
255 1471 NJWeedman’s Dispensary LLC Retailer Standard
256 2004 Oak Bluffs Holdings, LLC Retailer Standard
257 1910 One Smoke LLC Retailer Standard
258 2138 Organic Leaf LLC Retailer Standard
259 1844 PG Health LLC Retailer Standard
260 1804 Pleasant Roots NJ LLC Retailer Standard
261 1393 PPP Dispensary Retailer Standard
262 2189 Puffsie Retailer Standard
263 1556 Raddle LLC Retailer Standard
264 1418 ReLeaf Cannabis LLC Retailer Standard
265 1800 RUUTED LLC Retailer Standard
266 1434 Scarlet Reserve Room RB LLC Retailer Standard
267 2027 Seaweed Express LLC Retailer Standard
268 2322 Sensory Dispensary LP Retailer Standard
269 1573 Serene Greens Co Retailer Standard
270 1719 Shore Apothecary LLC Retailer Standard
271 1589 Smoking Classics Inc. Retailer Standard
272 1984 Soul Lit LLC Retailer Standard
273 2123 Strainland Cannabis LLC Retailer Standard
274 1675 Suite Green Collective LLC Retailer Standard
275 1610 Sweet Leaves LLC Retailer Standard

More Cannabis Companies Win

276 1446 Sweetspot New Jersey LLC Retailer Standard
277 1461 Sweetspot North Jersey LLC Retailer Standard
278 1558 The Cannabis Place 420 Corp Retailer Standard
279 1624 The Cutoff LLC Retailer Standard
280 2242 The Flower Shop Dispensaries LLC Retailer Standard
281 1560 The Next Chapter Market LLC Retailer Standard
282 1676 The Other Side Dispensary LLC Retailer Standard
283 1451 The Peace Market Retailer Standard
284 2321 The Plug NJ LLC Retailer Standard
285 1949 The Weed Stalk LLC Retailer Standard
286 1497 The Wildflower Market LLC Retailer Standard
287 1527 Tiva NJ LLC Retailer Standard
288 2002 Treehaus Holdings NJ, LLC Retailer Standard
289 2097 UC Wellness Retailer Standard
290 2088 Unity Rd of Ramsey LLC Retailer Standard
291 1932 Unity Rd. SNJ LLC Retailer Standard
292 1922 Verdure Apothecary LLC Retailer Standard
293 1465 Voorhees Cannabis Retailer Standard
294 2022 Y&L JC LLC Retailer Standard
295 1532 Your Highness LLC Retailer Standard
296 1936 Zoe Exotics Cannabis Club LLC Retailer Standard

They were approved unanimously, 5-0. The room cheered happily.

A special reward for SVA NJ Serviced LLC approval was given. Vice Chair Sam Delgado was recused. It was approved, 4-0.

One thousand three hundred sixty applications had been submitted, NJCRC Executive Director Jeff Brown noted. Only 63 applications have not had a completeness review, and 1,072 cure letters were issued.

NJCRC Annual License Applications

Brown explained they have their first slate of annual cannabis licenses that did not apply via the conditional process.

He urged people to respond timely to their requests to keep the process moving efficiently.

Eight companies won:

2181 Fuse Brands Inc. Cultivator Micro
2 2180 Fuse Brands Inc. Manufacturer Micro
3 1939 Leaf Haus LLC Retailer Micro
4 1482 Blackwood Wellness LLC Retailer Standard
5 2007 Lady M NJ LLC Retailer Standard
6 2017 Nirvana Dispensary LLC Retailer Standard
7 1891 Royal Highness Dispensary Retailer Standard
8 1572 SoulFlora Inc. Retailer Standard

It was approved 4-1. Barker voted no.

Annual Conversions

Ten conditional adult-use cannabis licenses were approved for conversion:

1 2198 Brighterside Canopy, LLC Cultivator Micro
2 2098 Atlantic Cultivators Cultivator Standard
3 1992 August Tenth Capital Investments, L.L.C. Cultivator Standard
4 2010 Hamilton Farms LLC 2010 Cultivator Standard
5 2006 Herb-a-More LLC Cultivator Standard
6 2012 Statewide Property Holdings NJ, LLC Cultivator Standard
7 2177 Sweet Side LLC Cultivator Standard
8 1993 August Tenth Capital Investments, L.L.C. Manufacturer Standard
9 2337 Sweet Side LLC Manufacturer Standard
10 2104 Kind Kush Retailer Standard

“This is the first cohort. This is the tip of the iceberg. These are new annual licenses we are considering for operation, Brown said.

Brown explained they were eager for this. He said they had undergone a thorough process.

“Licensees have an ongoing obligation to report things to the CRC,” Brown noted.

Those approved need to work with the investigation team,” he said, among other things.

“The numbers might be small, but they are mighty,” Delgado said.

“Thank you to the staff … for helping us on this monumental day,” Houenou said.

Shen noted they are the first ten to convert.

It was approved 4-1. Commissioner Charles Barker voted no.

Expansion Certification for Curaleaf

The room grumbled at their mention.

“I want to congratulate all the 18 businesses… the first in New Jersey’s history to be awarded an annual license. This is only the first step in what is a long process. It is my hope that these businesses get up and running as quickly as possible. We need them to lower the price of cannabis,” Houenou said.

She also wanted more companies to pay the social equity fee.

“We are relying on you to be a safe and reliable operator,” Houenou said.

Curaleaf’s Bordentown location was approved for adult-use cannabis sales.

Brown said they have several metrics on which to judge if a company is able to convert and meet their standards.

“We are dead serious about ensuring patient access… about labor provisions. If approved, we will have a vigilant eye on Curaleaf and the other expanded ATCs,” he added.

Standards Issues

“I am not fully convinced Curaleaf has made good faith efforts as it relates to our standards. Any other cannabis business… we will be doing the same,” Commissioner Krista Nash said.

“I have also become concerned about the actions of their particular entity,” Houenou said.

She questioned their commitment to workers, patients, and safety.

“There’s a lot of information that staff reviews. I need some more time to review the material. I do echo your sentiments. Accountability is critical here,” Houenou said.

It passed 3-1-1, with Barker voting no and Houenou abstaining.

Three companies wanted to change their name, GLCPC changed to Re-up, Garden State Dispensary to Ayr Wellness only, and Middle Valley Partners is Valley Wellness.

Assistance for License Applicants

Delgado said they are working with NJ Business Action Center (NJBAC) to provide technical assistance and help to get cannabis licenses, including mentorship.

He explained the NJBAC is proposing a curriculum for the course, including working on a business plan and a legacy to legal course.

Some programs will be targeted to certain license categories of applicants like minority, women, social equity, Impact Zones, and Economically Disadvantaged Areas (EDAs)-based businesses.

Melonie Willoughby and her Deputy Director Penni Wild of the NJBAC have been working with cannabis groups, leaders, and educators to learn what needs to be done, Delgado noted.

“This is important that … license applicants get the support they need. Their success is critical. We believe this assistance is essential to repair the neighborhoods… of those subjected to mass criminalization,” Willoughby said.

She said they have been doing a great deal of outreach.

Willoughby said it would be a 10-week course in the first half of next year, 2023.

“We feel that mentorship aspect is very, very important,” Willoughby said.

She said experienced professionals are going to teach the courses. Willoughby said social justice and business combined were close to her heart.

“I was one of the first 400 women admitted to Rutgers College in 1970,” Willoughby said. “That is my why. To challenge outdated attitudes… and mentor the leaders of tomorrow.

Those who wish to learn can register at njstart.gov she explained.

NJBAC Cannabis Assistance

“We stand ready to act on Governor Murphy’s and the CRC’s commitment to bring economic opportunities to our communities,” Willoughby said.

Willoughby said people could register at Nj.gov/state/bac/cannabis/, which she carefully spelled out.

“Or just call me at 1-800-Jersey-7,” she said to laughter.

“We are the Garden State, and I intended for us to stand up to that rep,” Houenou said. “Thank you very much.”

“What is the cost for prospective applicants?” Barker asked.

“There’s no cost,” Willoughby said.

“I thought I heard that. I wanted to make that clear,” Barker said.

He has been very eager to promote the social justice aspect of cannabis legalization.

“I know how costly it is for those struggling to do it on their own and paying pros to help them. For those new to this, we want to be there for them,” Willoughby said.

“I acknowledge the role the public has played in getting to this point,” Houenou said.

She noted business development assistance had been a crucial issue many have advocated the NJCRC address.

“The Economic Development Authority has been putting together listening sessions to explore opportunities to build an access to Capital program,” Houenou noted.

Extension of Conditional Licenses

“We’re seeing conditional license holders need more time. There’s circumstances out of their control,” Brown said.

He said they would extend it another 45 days. Thus, there could be two 45-day extensions.

“This will give conditional holders more time to convert,” Brown said.

The crowd applauded its unanimous passage.

Houenou noted the final cannabis market rules comment period has ended.

Brown said the conditional clock doesn’t start till you get the license.

Cannabis Market Details

“Thank you to the hundreds of folks who submitted comments,” Houenou said.

They are considering any necessary changes.

Brown noted the number of medical cannabis patients peaked at about 1280,000 in the summer, while about 4,400 people are still joining every month. Sales in the market vary by month.

“There’s always an uptick in April. There’s ebbs and flows,” he added.

Brown said that cultivation license winner Hillview is growing medical along with a company called Garden State among winners from the 2019/201 medical cannabis round,

In addition, Sweet Spot opened a new dispensary in Voorhees, the 29th medical cannabis dispensary in New Jersey, and Justice Grown, MPX, and Breakwater’s second location recently opened.


The NJCRC did a pricing investigation. Brown said the price average price in August was $414 an ounce. Prices have been going up, he added. Brown said adult-use flower is about $450 an ounce.

“Simply economics here. Very high demand. Supply we’re ramping up, getting licenses up,” he said.

“Prices are still high in New Jersey,” Brown explained. “Price for medical cannabis is equal or lower. Prices have gone up but less than the rate of inflation.”

In addition, fewer medical cannabis discounts are being given out.

In addition, the Metric inventory system is going live soon.

“We did release testing guidance. We’re going to be making changes to those guidance rules,” Brown said. He noted he is working with lab experts that were in the audience.

Brown commended NJCRC Director of Diversity and Inclusion Wesley McWhite for working on legacy to legal guidance for people who want to transition and a forthcoming Equity Score Card. He noted that NJCRC Chief of Staff Justin Rodriguez and Director of Governmental Affairs Jesus Alcazar have been working on expanding local approval.

“There are challenges on the municipal level,” Brown acknowledged.

He said they are engaging with local officials.

Social Excise Equity Fee

Brown said equity in cannabis licensing is critical, along with raising revenue.

“Now that we have data on pricing… we are recommending the excise fee to be adjusted for the actual price of cannabis,” he said.

Brown explained the fee would increase from $1.10 to $1.52 an ounce.

“This is a recommended adjustment based on the actual retail price,” he said.

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