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NJ Cartridge Market Heats Up with Timeless Vapes Products

The New Jersey cannabis cartridge (or cart) market has heated up with new products from the small corporate Multi-State Operator (MSO) white labeler Timeless Vapes.

They are debating their “Greetings from New Jersey” flip case and battery in honor of the state’s landmarks.

In addition to the flip case, the core strains of Timeless Vapes are now on shelves in New Jersey dispensaries. They include Sweet Island Skunk, Jungle Punch, Blue Dream, Cactus Chiller, Watermelonz, and Blackberry Kush.

Timeless Vapes Background

New Jersey is the sixth state-legal cannabis market where Timeless operates after Arizona, California, Missouri, Ohio, and Oklahoma.

Timeless Vapes began making cannabis products in 2013 and is celebrating its 11th anniversary.

“We are eager to begin our journey in New Jersey alongside our esteemed partners at iAnthus Capital Holdings,” said Timeless Founder Rocky Huang. “Together, we can build an inclusive and expansive cannabis community designed to uplift the state’s adult-use consumers and medical patients while building fruitful partnerships with organizations and innovators committed to supporting the local culture in the New Jersey market. This is our first expansion into the East Coast and we are excited about a number of new markets.”

Huang is an Asian American. He started Timeless first as a clothing brand with a partner. The company said it was founded in 2011 with the vision of being a leading lifestyle brand centered on high-quality cannabis products and unique engagement through its pillars of “Community, Culture, and Legacy.”

Timeless Vapes made a deal with the large MSO iAnthus Capital Holdings, Inc. to enter the New Jersey cannabis market.

So Timeless did not pour money, blood, sweat, and tears into getting into the New Jersey cannabis market like so many local struggling entrepreneurs, particularly those of color and underground legacy operators.

That makes them a white labeler. Traditionally, a white labeler just puts their brand logo on the box of a product made by another corporation. Others, like the underground legacy to legal Hispanic-owned MSO Cookies say they brought their specific formulations and genetics of seeds and baby plants.

Partnering with the Large MSO iAnthus

iAnthus is one of the largest operators of licensed cannabis cultivation, processing, and dispensary facilities in the United States. It owns three MPX-NJ dispensaries in New Jersey in Atlantic City, Gloucester Township and Pennsauken Township.

“Our partnership with Timeless Vapes emphasizes our commitment to providing consumers and patients with the highest quality cannabis products and brands,” said iAnthus CEO Richard Proud. “Timeless’ mission to use cannabis as a tool to build community and enact positive change is exactly what the New Jersey market needs. We are excited about how Timeless products will be received by the community. And the partnerships they will forge here with the local culture.” 

The iAnthus corporation got into Jersey after buying out the woman-owned MPX. It had some tumultuous legal issues they seem to have gotten over.

New Jersey Vapes Carts Market Grows

A lot of vape carts are very harsh on the throat because they have to get so hot. The Delta-8 THC carts are some of the worst. They lack state regulations to follow and few incentives to perform Quality Control (QC). So, cannabis cartridges or carts that attach to batteries or pens are among the products licensed cannabis companies make better than others.

Timeless Vapes is following the licensed small MSO Fernway. It has also brought smoother carts to the New Jersey cannabis market.

Fernway also wants to introduce pre-rolls while the local manufacturer Lily Extracts, is up and running making carts. The small MSO Loud Labs already entered the market earlier in Spring 2024 and brought their Pyramid Pens.

Other local established makers like ButACake and Jersey Canna by Inclusion Gourmet only create edibles for now.

More local makers like Mojo Botanica and others are expected to enter the Jersey vape market as 2024 progresses.

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