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2024 New Jersey Dispensary Awards Show Swept by Brute’s Roots

The Dispensary Guy and the WJ Media Group recently hosted the 2024 New Jersey Dispensary Awards Show, where Brute’s Roots won 10 awards.

The show spotlighted and celebrated stellar achievements in the New Jersey cannabis industry.

The Dispensary Guy himself, Mike Wiehl, served as Master of Ceremonies.

2024 New Jersey Dispensary Award Winners

The 2024 New Jersey Dispensary Awards celebrated a host of winners across many categories. 

Brute’s Roots took home the Best Website award, with Dank Poet as the runner-up. In the Best Sales category,  Brute’s Roots claimed the top spot, followed closely by Dank Poet. For Best Ancillary, Mass Grown won, with Dank taking second place. The Best Security award was secured by Dank Poet, with Semper Secure as the runner-up.

Fernway won Best Brand Ambassador, Best Vape Disposable, and Best Vape Cartridge. Lilly Extracts and Cookies came in as runners-up, respectively. Brute’s Roots was recognized for Best Vibe and Best Staff, also winning the Community Outreach category, with Dank Poet runner-up in all three. In the edible space, Gron Pearls took the top spot for Best Edible over Wana Brands.

The product innovation award went to Dablicator, with ButACake as the runner-up. In the hotly contested flower categories,  Z-pie from Garden Greens won Strain of the Year and Strain of the Year (Flower), with Haze Mac Motor and The Godfather by Brute’s Roots as runners-up. Garden Greens beat Brute’s for the Brand Flower award. Mudd Brothers won Concentrate of the Year over Gage/KT.

Dispensary of the Year awards saw Breakwater winning for Medical, Dank Poet for Adult-Use. Brute’s Roots took home the overall Dispensary of the Year. Lastly, the Budtender of the Year was awarded to Mike Davis of Brute’s Roots. Malcolm Mullen of Dank Poet was the runner-up.

Brute’s Roots Wins Most Awards

Brute’s Roots is a locally owned and operated dispensary, cultivator, and manufacturer. It began in medical cannabis and converted to include adult-use cannabis sales. They are based in South Jersey.

Their awards included being named New Jersey’s “Dispensary of the Year” for their Egg Harbor Township location in Atlantic County. Brute’s Roots’ 1st place awards were:

  1. Dispensary of the Year
  2. Best Website
  3. Best Community Outreach
  4. Best Sales
  5. Best Vibe
  6. Best Staff
  7. Best Preroll
  8. Budtender of the Year, Mike Davis

Their signature strain, The Goodfather, secured silver for “Best Strain” and “Flower of the Year.”

“As a mom-and-pop company, we have the ability to get creative with what we have to offer our customers. Our main goal is to always offer safe, quality, and affordable cannabis to the NJ market,” said Brute’s Roots President, Kelly Gatto. “As we approach the summer, we hope the out-of-town community marks us down as their last stop before the shore to stock up with their vacation needs. Our Egg Harbor Township dispensary is only 1 mile off of Exit 9 off of the AC Expressway!”

Local Independent Company Makes Progress

Brute’s Roots has been turning heads since opening last year. The initial launch of their sun-grown flower hit the market at $29 for an eighth of an ounce. It put them on the map as offering the most affordable legal cannabis in New Jersey.

This past 4/20, they gave away a pound of weed! With their next harvest taking place this month and the upcoming expansion into recreational manufacturing, expect those prices to shock the market.

Unique Awards Show Highlighting New Jersey Cannabis

The 2024 New Jersey Dispensary Award Show celebrated the achievements of the past year and set a high standard for excellence in the cannabis industry.

It was a unique opportunity for attendees to socialize and network in a consumption-friendly environment. People could relax and enjoy the Italian food from Uncle Giuseppe’s.

The cannabis cloud from consumption grew very thick.

Leftover food was donated to a local emergency room, aligning with their goal to give back to the community.

The New Jersey Dispensary Awards award show was the culmination of a highly interactive process. It began with a nomination period where viewers nominated their favorite retailers, manufacturers, and cannabis products. That was followed by a voting period that allowed our viewers to choose their favorites.

A Sign of Things to Come

It was a great time for networking, recognizing outstanding cannabis brands, and showcasing industry leaders from across the state.

The incredible night would not have been possible without the generous support of sponsors. The promoters gave a heartfelt thank you to NJ Canna CommunityHeady NJUFCW 360Scarlet Reserve RoomPure Blossom dispensary, Jersey Meds dispensary, Med Leaf dispensary, Urbn Dispensary, and Mass Grown dispensary.

Their commitment to supporting the cannabis community and the event was pivotal in making it a success.

(Full disclosure: Heady NJ has an ad deal with Brute’s Roots and a sponsorship deal with The Dispensary Guy and WJ Media.)

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