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Small MSO Loud Labs Brings Pyramid Pens, Zoobies & Doinks to New Jersey

The small corporate Multi-State Operator (MSO) Loud Labs has brought its Pyramid Pens, Zoobies, and Doinks brands to the adult-use New Jersey cannabis market as a licensed manufacturer.

Loud Labs is the 4th licensed New Jersey adult-use cannabis manufacturer reported by Heady NJ to enter the adult-use market after:

  1. The small MSO Fernway.
  2. The North Jersey local Lily Extracts.
  3. The North Jersey based Black woman, underground to legacy owned edibles maker ButACake (with the help of the MSO Columbia Care).

Most of the products in the New Jersey cannabis market are made by MSOs that operate in the medical market first. Several companies have made White Labeling deals with them, so there are more products in the market. The White Labeling requirements vary, with some slapping a label on a can while others send specific ingredients and formulas.

The 4th NJ Cannabis Manufacturer Louds Labs

The Loud Labs products are available in several adult-use New Jersey cannabis dispensaries including:

  • Elevated by Canna Boss Lady in Maplewood.
  • Golden Door Dispensary in Jersey City.
  • Valley Wellness in Raritan Township.
  • Earth and Ivy in New Brunswick.
  • Puffin Store in New Brunswick.
  • Nightjar in Bloomfield.
  • Cannabis Clubhouse in Sussex.
  • Nova Farms in Woodbury
  • Bloc in Ewing, Franklin Township, and Waretown.

Loud Labs was founded in Colorado in 2015 by Jake Berry Coley Walsh, according to an interview with Berry. Their Marketing Director Jacob Rowland explained they were budtenders in the Colorado medical cannabis market who launched it after seeing bad products for sale. They started with CO2 vapes and now use butane as their primary extraction solvent. Loud Labs launched in Michigan in 2019.

“The New Jersey market has been awesome to us. We’re super, super excited to bring these products to the market,” Rowland said.

Delays in getting employee badges has made staffing up difficult. He complained of a two-week delay which was far shorter than others said.

“We’ve heard horror stories,” Rowland added.

They’re based in Woodbury Heights in County in Gloucester County in South Jersey. A lot of the upcoming New Jersey cannabis manufacturers and cultivators are based in South Jersey since land is cheaper and more secure there.

Loud Labs won a conditional cannabis manufacturing license from the NJCRC in December 2022 and converted to the annual cannabis manufacturing license needed to open in August 2023.

Pyramid Pens and Zoobies Cannabis Products

Loud Labs has three brands. Their Pyramid Pens brand line features cannabis vaping products along with sauce and wax concentrates.

“We’re the 1st full spectrum extracted (cartridge) available on the market,” Rowland claimed regarding their Pyramid Pens.

Full spectrum means the THC oil is extracted from the cannabis plant in a way that the oil maintains the full profile of active compounds in the plant. So the positive properties of the plant are not lost in the process.

“We’re not adding any third-party terpenes. We’re not adding any distillate to cute for viscosity,” he said about the Pyramid Pens manufacturing process. “Our carts are a little bit thicker. They’re not adulterated in any way, shape or form.”

“Hydrocarbon extraction is a much cleaner product which requires less refinement than a CO2 extraction,” Rowland explained.

“We always mean to be one of the most affordable products in the market,” he added.

Zoobies are their edibles line which mostly features gummies. The Zoobies gummies are unique since they are multiple flavors in one pack.

Loud Labs Zoobies Pyramid Pens Doinks

The Loud Labs Doinks brand includes infused blunts and cannagars or Thai sticks.

“We’re definitely going to the first blunt in his market at the end of the month,” Rowland declared.

Loud Labs Zoobies Pyramid Pens Doinks

Loud Labs is going to use hemp paper to roll blunts instead of the traditional cigar leaf. They will weigh about a gram.

The Doinks cannagar line they launched in Colorado weighs 2.5 grams and burns for almost two hours is another product they want to bring to Jersey.

The Underground Legacy Ties of Loud Labs

Rowland explained the name Loud Labs was chosen as a combination of connection to the community and science. He noted it’s hard to have the word “cannabis” or “weed” in a name due to the fears of banks. Rowland added it’s a nod to the culture.

“Loud” is slang in the weed community that means strong. So good weed can smell “loud.”

“In the office, you really can smell whether it’s going to be a quality batch,” he said. “Shop for your nose. If smells good to you, it’s probably going to smoke good to you.”

“We’ve all been smoking since the dorms and high school. We all come from different parts of the country and have our own heritage within kind of the legacy market,” Rowland explained. “Being able to acknowledge where we came from as an industry and how far we’ve come and still keep that eye forward and pushing the science of it.

“We’re invested in the culture,” he said. “We’re a company made up of cannabis consumers. We make it for our friends, our family. We joked we launched sleepy gummies because all our moms wanted gummies they could eat.”

They have several ethical policies.

“We offer a complete rebate or refund if anybody’s unhappy for any reason,” Rowland added.

Small MSO Coming to Jersey Eyes East Coast

Rowland noted he has been here from their headquarters in Colorado staffing up their operations.

“We’ve been looking for states that fit well with our experience with the leadership team as well as the right market conditions. There’s so much variation from state to state,” he explained. “New Jersey has been kind of a limited release of licenses which has been kind of helpful. They don’t require vertical integration.”

“We want to continue to expand on the East Coast,” Rowland added.

He was also interested in operating in New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Ohio.

Rowland said in Michigan Louds Labs worked to allow their multi-flavor gummies.

“We will continue to do things like that,” he added.

Small MSOs are often different than the stereotypes of the worst of the large MSOs that are largely owned by White men who were already wealthy and sell poor quality products for high prices. They often have ties to the underground legacy market and are minorities and/or women who started small and grew.

Loud Labs was at the MJ Unpacked cannabis industry convention in Atlantic City this week where they had a tent gifting free samples at a party (more on that next week).

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