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Happy Munkey Throws 710 Oil Day Party at the Museum of Sex

The legacy to legal Happy Munkey dispensary company held a 710 Oil Day Sensual Soiree party at the Museum of Sex to celebrate the holiday. 

“710” backward on a calculator looks like “OIL.” The 7/10 Oil Day holiday is the Easter of the cannabis community to the Christmas of 4/20.

(Warning Graphics Images Below.)

Many New Jersey adult use license holders and cannabis entrepreneurs were in attendance, enjoying the festivities of Oil Day.

Happy Munkey Throws Wild Party

Happy Munkey co-founder Vlad Bautista has been at the forefront of the cannabis industry with the advent of legalization.

He said that to him, Oil Day was about cannabis education on the great nuances of the plant and methods of cannabis consumption. Thus cannabis booths with samples and information about cannabis concentrates, terpenes, vapes, and other subjects were interspersed among the lewd exhibits that would make a Puritan blush.

New Jersey cannabis entrepreneurs and health professionals Estefania Valencia and Salam Diri of Sanna Ohanna gave a yoga performance. They did so on a bed labeled for the ancient Indian erotic text, the Kama Sutra wearing little.

Happy Munkey 710 Oil Day Museum of Sex

Among the informative cannabis tables were New York licensed companies like the cannabis corporation Multi-State Operator (MSO) PharmaCann, giving out free samples, which was amusing.

One company had a way of injecting smoke into a cup to inhale through a straw like a slushie. The idea owner David Zellinger of Canis Major, explained the purpose was to introduce it to those interested but unfamiliar with the nuances of cannabis consumption. 

“It’s for people who aren’t consumers. It’s very approachable in a way that most cannabis products are not. Unlike a beverage, it hits you right away,” he noted.

Zellinger noted that unlike actual cannabis, beverages take time to hit.

“It’s meant to be social. It’s in a familiar format,” he added.

Thus one could try a smoky cup with a lid with a mere 5 percent THC, the chemical or cannabinoid in cannabis that gets consumers high. He also had much stronger options that, like dabbing, will make you very high very quickly. 

Happy Munkey had dab bars and mocktails with infused syrup mixers available dispersed through the multiple floors of the Museum of Sex.

In the Dungeon basement were more mocktails and gummy samples. It was the only room where smoking joints and blunts were allowed. Thus it was very smoky. It was the one place inside the Museum of Sex where guests could consume their own weed.

Museum of Sex Funland Wonderland Adventures

Thus there were many fascinating exhibits in the Museum of Sex collection of documented sex positions, toys, and fetishes.

In one room, a woman was tied to a stripper pole with rope in an intricate process known as Shibari.

There was a room like a child’s bounce house but full of humongous tits. One could jump around like an innocent child in a wild wet dream with shoes off.

Happy Munkey 710 Oil Day Museum of Sex

Exhibits of a Sex Museum at a Weed Party

It was one madhouse room to another between porn exhibits. One hallway had dirty carnival history dioramas depicting when strippers were part of traveling circus acts.

There was a weird movie theater that had a strange moving screen that moved. Then there was a hexagon hallway filled with vintage pornographic films on the sides.

One room was a 4D ride where they sprayed water and shot air at different parts of a surrealistic Acid trip of a ride through wild images of naked bodies and weird wormhole tunnels, among other strange images. It was a wild mind-boggling experience. 

Across the room was a game where you threw rubber cock and balls aiming at a man like a football game in an arcade. Throwing it was difficult for some seeking to aim.

On several floors, sex toys were behind glass display cases as if they were ancient artifacts in the Metropolitan Museum of Art with explanatory labels.

Happy Munkey 710 Oil Day Museum of Sex

Sex and Cultural History

One recounted controversial sexual and political issues like Janet Jackson’s Nipplegate of 2004 during the Super Bowl.

Happy Munkey 710 Oil Day Museum of Sex

Among the modern history and objects were historical erotic pictures and text.

Happy Munkey 710 Oil Day Museum of Sex

The party and the place had an atmosphere like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Happy Munkey held a party last year to note their rebranding, where they lost their mascot of a high monkey wearing karate clothes, known as a gi. They rebranded to secure a New York adult use cannabis dispensary license.

They held a similarly enjoyable party at the surreal Vincent Van Gogh pop-up art exhibit in 2021.

Happy Munkey operated a quality legacy cannabis lounge near the Port Authority bus terminal before pivoting between COVID and crackdowns.

There was a long line to get into the building well after the party started. It was overall crowded. Once inside, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. 

710 Oil Day for Medical Patients Observed

At the New Jersey State House in Trenton, noted cannabis advocacy group Sativa Cross led their second annual medical cannabis patient-centered approach to Oil Day. They worked with cannabis activists in different state-legal cannabis markets across the country and featured them on their podcast.

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