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People Celebrate 7/10 Oil Day at NJWeedman’s Joint and Enjoy Weed

On 7/10 or Oil Day, a wide range of people gathered at NJWeedman’s Joint for gifting vending, a Grateful Dead cover band, and a barbecue on a sunny day.

7/10, which looks like “OIL” upside down, has become a new cannabis holiday comparable to 4/20.

A range of people of different races, old Deadheads, and Millenials gathered together for music and fun on a sunny day. 

Oil Day is big in other markets where dabs are popular. 

Considering the openness with which vendors were selling their products, it was a show of massive defiance like Boardwalk Budz in the vein of the Scottish rebels mooning the English in Braveheart.

Gifting Entrepreneurs Enjoy Vending on 7/10 Oil Day

Desiree Cole and her fiance Al Milevoi of Thnacks make and sell cannabis edibles. They are based out of Howell, in Monmouth County. Cole is from Old Bridge in Middlesex County, and Milevoi is from Belmar in Monmouth County.

They were vending at NJWeedman’s on 7/10 Oil Day.

Having launched the business in March, they were selling infused lemonade, Rice Krispies, fruity pebble treats, cookies, empanada, macaroni and cheese, ice cream, gummies, and cotton candy on Oil Day. They offer delivery and shipping.

Cole explained they’re both chefs. While she focuses on sweet pastries, Milevoi focuses on savory food.

“We try to keep everything within state guidelines,” Cole said. She explained that 100 mg is the maximum capacity a package can have, with a serving size of 10 mg in mind.

They specifically stopped manufacturing a 175 mg lollipop from their general orders to comply. However, they do make custom orders.

“We’re not trying to be a little business for a long time. Once everything comes through, we can get our licensing, and stuff, we want to be legit,” Cole said. 

They are interested in securing a microbusiness license, though it would require them to choose to obtain either a manufacturing or dispensary license.

“I guess we’ll make that choice when we have to,” she said about the separate licenses. 

They are eager to obtain a license and would comply with all regulations if granted one. 

Legacy to Legal

While NJWeedman said he would not stop vending to get a license, Cole said they would if it was necessary.

They noted they have many patients as customers due to the dearth of edibles in New Jersey’s medical cannabis dispensaries, except for lozenges.

“They taste like crap,” Cole said regarding dispensary lozenges. 

Patients often cannot smoke cannabis due to diseases such as emphysema and COPD.

“So far, so good,” Milevoi said on the business, which has been steadily growing.

Milevoi was previously a chef at Bar A in Belmar for five years and an owner of a pizza business in Ocean Grove, NJ. He was initially seeking to open a food truck before they entered cannabis

“Starting a business is hard for everybody. You got to shake the right hands and kiss the right babies,” Milevoi said. “Everybody that you meet in this market has been very friendly and very helpful with all the information. And we’ve met a lot of great people.”

Barriers to Entry

Cole said she might be a little worried about seeing how much money it would take to acquire a license. 

Milevoi said cannabis businesses should receive the same help other small businesses do. 

The fact that the legalization implementation bill didn’t pass by New Year’s Day with the referendum, which said adult-use cannabis would be legal starting then created a unique loophole.

Their eight-year-old daughter helps Cole bake. Milevoi explained she is well aware she is not allowed to consume the medicine. 

“She’s been a great little help,” he said.

They keep their finished products in a fridge that is kept locked.

Cole makes separate trays of cookies for their children to enjoy.

“The people have said that we’re legal,” Milevoi said. It just needs the government to catch up on what the government wants.”

Milevoi noted people have been waiting since Murhpy was first elected for legalization.

Other vendors sold cannabis flower, lotions, vape cartridges, and other cannabis products.

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