Heady NJ grant NJ Civic Consortium

We are very happy to announce that Heady NJ won a grant for $10,000 from the NJ Civic Consortium to help with technical issues to build our independent New Jersey cannabis media company!

Heady NJ NJ Civic Consortium new jersey cannabis industry

It is an honor to have won this from the NJ Civic Consortium. They have supported many respectable mainstream news outlets across our great Garden State!

The process was intense!

Like many grants, it comes with an education component. The consulting firm Blue Engine handling that is very reputable. It should be interesting!

We appreciate the Center for Cooperative Media of Montclair State University for their support and alerting us to it.

We won the grant based on our extensive coverage of the social justice aspect of New Jersey cannabis legalization and the establishment of this new industry.

Being a first-generation Peruvian American on my dad’s side, this is important to me.

It will take some time to get the money.

Now we only need about $290,000 more to fully fund our operations, hire staff, and fully bloom.

Building Heady NJ to serve the New Jersey Cannabis Community and Industry

Getting a loan or an investor for Heady NJ has been intense. It’s especially intense since I know a lot of people who need even more money for a licensed cannabis company.

I’ve grown into sales, marketing, and promotion. But it’s not my specialty.

A loan is hard to get when you’re a humble hustler.

We’re also exploring crowdfunding!

We’ve been running this on a shoestring as we bootstrap ourselves to be the center for independent New Jersey cannabis news media and culture. We seek to be the go-to resource for our fair state of nine million people in an industry that could be worth $2 billion in a few years.

As first time entrprenuers the issues that naturally arise in getting an operation off the ground has been a great learning process. While we are not a cannabis plant touching business, as an ancillary business we have had our share of problems. We have nonetheless continued forward after overcroming them!

The media can be a very difficult industry to manuever because the business model is shaky. However we at Heady NJ closely follow updates across both the cannabis media space and the mainstream media to learn about Best Practices which can help us.

We have several revenue streams we plan to turn into mighty rivers!

Wish us luck!

We get by with a little help from our friends.

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Dan Ulloa
Dan Ulloa is the Editor and Publisher of Heady NJ, with a background in politics, journalism, and a passion for the cannabis community. He curates and publishes news, events, and insights on the industry. Dan has been a leading voice in the New Jersey cannabis scene, educating and informing the public about this rapidly evolving industry. He ranked #35 on the INSIDER NJ Cannabis Power List out of 100 in 2022.