Cannademix Plans Budtender Ball and Awards Ceremony


Cannademix Budtender Ball New Jersey cannabis community cannabis workers

Cannademix is holding a Budtender Ball party and awards ceremony to honor cannabis workers in the New Jersey cannabis community.

In appreciation of their contributions, cannabis employees at licensed New Jersey cannabis facilities will receive free entry upon showing their state ID at the door. It highlights Cannademix’s commitment to acknowledging and celebrating those who are integral to the New Jersey cannabis industry.

Budtender Balls are popular in the more advanced state-legal cannabis markets. It is a way to honor the cannabis workers in the dispensaries and the industry. A good budtender who can recommend quality cannabis strains for different issues is more like a pharmacist than a mere sales clerk.

It will be an evening where New Jersey cannabis industry professionals, enthusiasts, and innovators can come together to celebrate, network, and recognize the contributions of individuals and organizations in the industry.

The Budtender Ball could be more than just a gathering. It’s a gala celebration where the New Jersey cannabis community will come to celebrate the remarkable progress and achievements in the Garden State’s budding cannabis industry.

Community Awards Voting Process

A highlight of the evening will be the Community Awards. The awards will spotlight the most outstanding contributors in the cannabis industry. They will recognize outstanding achievements across categories like Budtender of the Year, Cultivator of the Year, and others. These awards underscore the spirit of excellence and innovation in the New Jersey cannabis community. Nominations for the awards can be made here.

Everyone is free to nominate winners to help Cannademix recognize the true stars of the New Jersey cannabis community.

The established award categories are Reformer, Educator, Budtender, Cultivator, Extractor, Activist, Trapper, and Brand of the Year. The Google form they are using is user-friendly to vote. If you nominate someone, you can easily share the story of why they should win. The more details, the better. The nominee process itself will be very short.

Fun Party for the New Jersey Cannabis Community

Cannademix is planning a fun party with a range of unique attractions. Members of the New Jersey cannabis community and industry attending can enjoy their Dab Bar by Dirty Dank, Rolling Stations, and Mocktail CBD Infusion Bar.

There will also be gourmet food, fine alcohol, and exclusive hookah and bottle service.

Members of the New Jersey cannabis community will also be able to enjoy on-site consumption there.

They are also planning to give away prizes.

Exhibitors & Sponsors at the Cannademix Budtender Ball

Leading the event as the presenting sponsor is Financial Resources Federal Credit Union. Joining them is a stellar lineup of exhibitors and sponsors in what promises to be a landmark celebration in the cannabis industry.

These trailblazing companies represent the best innovation and quality in the New Jersey cannabis industry. Each exhibitor brings their unique flair and expertise to our event, offering attendees an exclusive look at the latest trends and products in the cannabis market.

Sponsors Include:

  • UFCW 360
  • Got Your Six
  • Fourth Floor
  • Cotton Mouth Klub
  • Kreaky Products
  • Valley Wellness
  • URBN Dispensary
  • Piff Coast Farms
  • Cookies Harrison
  • Fernway
  • GTI
  • Larkspur Botanicals (Activation)
  • RAW (Product Sponsor)
  • Lifted Dispensary
  • Lobo Cannagars (Award Sponsor)
  • Heady NJ (Media Sponsor)
  • NJ Cannabis Insider (Media Sponsor)
  • Dank Dab Bar (Activation)

(Full disclosure this is part of a cross-promotion deal.)

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