Tesla’s battery solutions may be a long-term answer for cannabis growers

Even though Elon Musk recently toked up on The Joe Rogan Podcast, Tesla is not very likely to enter the cannabis industry. BUT – they could have a tremendous impact on grow operations. Not only could they save money for the growers themselves, Tesla prides itself on being a ‘clean’ and renewable energy source.

Tesla’s Powerwall and Powerpack, which are residential and commercial options of renewable high-powered batteries, offer the ability to store kilowatt capacity for backup purposes, as well as for future use. Either could be used for large or small grow operations, respectively, for the for the storage of electricity.

Cannabis grow operations typically require costly lighting. Traditional grow operations and cultivation sites use High-pressure sodium (HPS) lights and have moved towards LED lights. LED are not as predictable as HPS, but are definitely more cost effective to operate. Yet, LED still costs a considerable amount to startup and get the initial lighting equipment.

In a recent article in Motley Fool, a solution is suggested via Tesla’s Powerwall/Powerpack. Growers could purchase electric in advance and then run the systems on non-peak hours. This would only be a minimal savings to small-scale growers, but for major cultivation sites, this would be a major change and conservation of resources.

Could Tesla be the next great marijuana stock? It’s not out of the question.

What do you think?