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Eaze Wellness Expands To 41 U.S. States, Including NJ

Eaze is a California-based, on on-demand delivery service of curated, legal, licensed, and tested cannabis brands. Now, consumers in 41 states and the District of Columbia can also legally purchase hemp-derived, CBD-only products through Eaze’s online platforms. 

Eaze legally ships CBD almost anywhere in the U.S. from a curated menu of national CBD brands, with detailed descriptions and access to education about CBD’s many uses. Consumers can shop on the Eaze Wellness platform for powerful cannabinoids that have a wide array of health benefits, but don’t get you high.

“Eaze’s mission has always been to educate consumers and provide safe, legal access to cannabis. The launch of Eaze Wellness is a natural next step in our mission,” CEO Jim Patterson said.

“Americans are curious about CBD and asking for high-quality CBD products, but until now, there’s been no singular destination where consumers with a variety of experience levels can find the products that are right for them. Eaze Wellness changes that,” he continued.

“We’re in this stage where we have non-enforcement at the federal level, non-enforcement at the state level,” Cristina Buccola, a New York-based attorney who advises cannabis-related businesses, told Quartz. “For all intents and purposes [CBD] looks like a legal substance.”

The company decided to develop the new platform after seeing CBD sales more than double among their customers last year, according to Sheena Shiravi, director of consumer communications at Eaze.

“What we found is, you can go to Amazon, you can go to Walmart and type in CBD, but what shows up is a bunch of hemp oil, so it’s unclear,” Shiravi said. “There’s a lot of confusion.

Ease aims to separate itself from the saturated CBD market, by only working with brands who meet their stringent requirements and standards. “We require a certification of analysis from all brands on the platform” she said, and the company regularly conducts focus group testing to offer its shoppers additional details on the products.

While users in California will continue to be directed to their on-demand platform, which offers both CBD and traditional THC-heavy cannabis products, shoppers across 41 states will now find Eaze Wellness when they log into the site or app.

Eaze Wellness will not be accessible to consumers in Idaho, Michigan, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Ohio, Washington and Oregon. With California still having an extensive debate regarding the regulation of CBD, Eaze Wellness will not be accessible in the Golden State, but users will still have access to Eaze’s original platform, which offers on-demand delivery of both CBD and THC products.

The Eaze Wellness platform currently carries more than 20 brands of CBD offerings, from pills and gummies to cosmetic creams, lip balm, and bath bombs.

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