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Voices Of Cannabis Podcast: NJ Weedman Plans To Protest Cannabis Legislation

NJ Weedman, Ed Forchion, was incarcerated over the last 16 months in Mercer County Correctional Facility. Some people may call him a political prisoner. Others may call him a revolutionary. Vice News recently dubbed him the Hero America Needs.

One thing is certain. He is definitely one of the most infamous medical and recreational cannabis advocates in New Jersey.

Back in 2016, his Liberty Bell Temple was raided by police. They confiscated various controlled substances from the temple and surrounding property and the weed mobile, was also confiscated and impounded.

There was a confidential informant involved in that raid. So NJ Weedman found out who that was, put that information out publicly. Then he was arrested for witness tampering, which he of course fought, but ultimately he was locked up.

Now that NJ Weedman is free, he’s been back in action protesting, being an advocate, running his Liberty Bell, serving food at his “Weedman’s Joint” and hosting events.

During a recent stunt, Ed went to the NJ Statehouse and sold cannabis plants, weed in jars, and smoked pot. 

Forchion recently ran for New Jersey General Assembly, getting a small % of the vote. 

Although his tactics may be inappropriate to some, others would argue that scenarios such as those as what he has orchestrated, have helped change the social climate on the issues of cannabis and incarceration.

In this episode, we speak with Ed “NJ Weedman” Forchion and hear what he has to say about upcoming cannabis legalization, his plans to protest, and his thoughts on ‘Cannabaggers’, the rich corporations muscling their way to takeover the industry at the expense of the little guys – the people.

If you want to learn more about NJ Weedman click here.

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