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Our Trip to the Massachusetts Cannabis Market II

After an initial exam of three Massachusetts dispensaries, it seemed good to examine other aspects of the Massachusetts cannabis market.

When you’re buying a legitimate product that comes labeled rather than a random paper bag, you get to be more particular.

Legitimate cannabis was smoother than cannabis purchased in the underground market.

I call my friend Gonzo MacGyver here: Gonzo, after the friend of the great author in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and MacGyver, because he is good at fixing things. He greatly enjoyed the effects of legal Massachusetts cannabis. Sour Diesel was one of the best he bought. MacGyver described it as light, euphoric, mellow, strain that did not make him paranoid, like other strains. He also said it was not too trippy. MacGiver added that after it peaked, it was a smooth transition, unlike that experienced when smoking underground cannabis.

“This is good stuff, bro,” he said. “I feel great.”

Gonzo smoked so much of it he couldn’t leave the motel room. He got ridiculous. He goes to the elevator while he sees a couple and starts laughing and goes back to the room, took off his shoes, his mask, and gets back into bed under the covers with his laptop!

Exploring the Massachusetts Cannabis Market

Because there are no cannabis consumption lounges in Massachusetts, nor did we have a private residence to enjoy it, we got creative. Once, we went to a state forest park to smoke and enjoyed it. My friend Gonzo MacGiver especially did.

Then we went to Plymouth, Mass to see Plymouth Rock. We sat on the ground behind a bush by the water and witnessed life at the birthplace of Thanksgiving. It was beautiful. On the water were lots of boats and a couple of guys receiving and launching them. Plymouth struck me as something akin to “Pilgrim land” like Disneyland, with tourist trap prices at the Plymouth dispensary. It also had the most security perched on a hill with a gate and gatehouse protecting it.

It was noteworthy was that at the Plymouth dispensary, Gonzo and I were both asked to show a second form of ID after our driver licenses. At more than one place, we were asked to show ID upon entry and when making purchases.

After smoking the real stuff legal stuff, I thought I understood why prohibition was enacted. Legal cannabis is too good for regular people. Smoking such good Massachusetts cannabis would cause them to question all authority. The government and the Powers That Be can’t have that. There would be too much chaos.

We plan to go again in a couple of weeks, so wait for Part III!

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