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Cannabis Marketing Firm Launches Crowdfunding Campaign


(full disclosure, CCM is a client of the author)

Cannabis Club Marketing (CCM), a cannabis marketing agency devoted to the booming industry, launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo today.

CCM is focused on spreading the benefits of healthy cannabis products for patients and responsible adults. They intend to use the campaign to raise the start-up capital to expand its reach. In the future, they’re planning to use similar crowdfunding campaigns and ideas such as these featured on GoFundMe to create more buzz around their business and hopefully create even more start-up capital.

This is an opportunity to get into the booming cannabis industry which is on its way to becoming a multi-billion dollar real “Green Rush”!” said CCM President Vincent Andaloro. As more and more of the country legalizes cannabis, the opportunities available goes up!

Some estimates say that the cannabis industry will grow to $30 billion in sales by 2023. That is astronomical, considering the industry is in its infancy and based around a plant that is still technically illegal on the federal level. Sales last year were between $.86 and $10.8 billion which is more than Americans spent on e-cigarettes, the popular video game Fortnite, and Goldfish crackers.

CCM is a pioneer in a brand-new industry centered around a plant that has been misunderstood for decades and its potential health benefits ignored in favor of propaganda.

The founder, Vince Anadaloro, has 25 years of experience in marketing specializing in niche marketing and multi-cultural in all forms of media. His company has worked with Fortune 100 companies like AT&T, Direct TV, Carl’s Jr., Mass Mutual, and Toyota, among others.

The company has worked with Fortune 100 companies like AT&T, Direct TV, Carl’s Jr., Mass Mutual, and Toyota, among others.

In the cannabis and hemp industry, CCM is working with the National Association of Cannabis Businesses (NACB) and prominent non-profits like Veterans for Cannabis, as well as major public and private companies like Medicine Man Technologies, Leafly, hemp trade shows, seed to sale companies, and cannabis oil providers, and CBD products.

CCM is also on the cutting edge of digital marketing, using technology to reach targeted demographics in today’s highly competitive marketplace where many products are mass-marketed to individuals who have no use for them.

While there was previously a stigma around cannabis, support for legalization has reached over 66 percent in a recent poll by Gallup, making it one of the most popular positions in the United States. In contrast, in 2012, it was 30 points lower when Colorado and Washington first legalized adult-use cannabis.

Local Guy Makes Good in Cannabis Marketing

Andaloro was born and raised in Atlantic City. While currently based in Florida, he periodically returns home to see family and stays in touch with old friends and business associates in AC. He was representing CCM at the recent NECANN convention in September at the AC Convention Center to promote the firm. NECANN was actually the first large-scale convention centered around cannabis in New Jersey.

Instead of a room filled with smoke and long-haired hippies critics might expect, it was comparable to other business conventions of people in business casual learning about the industry and networking while walking up down rows of booths and listening to prominent speakers lecture about the nuances of the industry. And the venue was smoke-free.

People need to get away from this notion that this is a bunch of potheads sitting around, trying to smoke weed,” Mali Sanati of Next Big Crop, a Denver-based exhibitor said. “Everyone is just trying to run their business.”

A somewhat common refrain in the industry is that the ancillary businesses like law and accounting firms are going to be the ones that make the big bucks in the Green Rush, not those trying to open a dispensary. They say the guys selling the pickaxes and shovels were the ones that made the real money in the California Gold Rush.

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