7/10 Oil Day Virtual Party Digital Sesh Featuring Celebrity Rapper Planned


7/10 Oil Day

Cannabis Entrepreneur Ryan Hilberth is creating a 7/10 Oil Day Virtual Party called “Digital Sesh.”

The line-up will feature several well-known rappers, artists, and media figures, including Wu-Tang Clan rapper Killah Priest and old-school hip-hop artist Busy Bee Starski.

In the wake of COVID-19, Digital Sesh is a purely virtual event with participants from around the country.

Big Virtual Party Planned

“Digital Sesh was originally just a way for a bunch of friends to consume cannabis with each other on 4/20 this year because the coronavirus lockdown took away the stoner holiday,” Hilberth explained. “So right after we saw great success on 4/20, everybody wanted for us to get to work planning 7/10 since COVID has taken our ability to be together.”

“Seven ten really made me more aware of the importance of taking concentrates and dabbing more seriously as an advocate of consuming the plant not only for recreational purposes,” Hilberth said. He added that he firmly believes in ingesting medical cannabis with all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that bring health benefits to people.

Hilberth explained that in the wake of the 4/20 event, 5,000 people were waiting for the next Digital Sesh. Since it was done for charity, over $5,000 was raised in four diff cities for charity.

The event is being managed by Hilberth’s marketing firm 420studio and CannaCulture.com, a cannabis media site. He is based in St. Petersburg, Florida but maintains contact with industry professionals nationwide.

Hilberth said Digital Sesh is a cost-effective way for brands to connect with the cannabis culture. It’s an issue when tradeshows are not on the table.

For those who did not attend the 4/20 Digital Sesh, expect non-stop free entertainment from top hip-hop celebrities, and artists. Those returning to 7/10 Digital Sesh after joining 420 Studio and CannaCulture on 4/20 should expect the same great energy.

7/10 Oil Day

7/10 OIL Day is a new cannabis enthusiast holiday like 4/20. “710” is “OIL” upside down on a calculator.

From simple flower or bud, a lot of cannabis is consumed in the form of oil. Oils, known as concentrates or extracts, is a unique form of cannabis made from flower. Wax, rosin, and slabs are similar. Dabs or “taking a dab” are an especially popular form.

A lot of the oils have more THC than regular cannabis. THC is the psychoactive compound which gets you high.

7/10 Oil Day first started gaining popularity as a holiday in 2013. It is especially popular in legalized states like California, where oil-based products are more available.

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