Legacy Cannabis Entrepreneur Moe Weed Offering Trenton $10,000 to Fix Potholes


legacy cannabis entrepreneurs getting ready to transition Moe Weed

The legacy cannabis entrepreneur Moe of Moe Weed is offering the City of Trenton $10,000 to fix potholes in the South Ward.

He wants to give the city money for the potholes since they often say it’s a budget issue and they cannot afford to pave the roads.

“They can’t really say they don’t have money if a company like mine can give back to the community,” Moe said.  

He said it is a very serious issue.

“Busses, taxis, Ubers, nobody wants to drive on shitty roads,” Moe said.  

Moe Weed noted that Domino’s pizza did something similar. In 2018 they gave $5,000 grants to 20 cities to fix potholes as part of their publicity efforts.

Moe Weed and Charity

He is in the process of getting in touch with City Hall.

“If they don’t want our money, so be it. We brought it up,” Moe said.

He is not sure if they will take the money.

“Why not? Why can’t we put money to fix the streets of Trenton?” Moe asked.

He understands the politics and what it looks like if the city accepts it. Nonetheless, Moe wants to raise awareness regarding the problem even if the city doesn’t accept the money.

“Somebody has gotta make the change,” he said.

Moe understands the possible stigma that surrounds the industry and himself. However, he noted sometimes liquor stores give out food to people in need. While this might seem like a bold move, Moe wants to be seen as following in the steps of NJWeedman by defiantly fighting the system and operating openly.

“We’re trying to create a new narrative,” he said. “The brand likes to give back to the community. It’s not just about people getting high.”

The legacy cannabis entrepreneur Slumped Kitchen similarly gave about $24,000 to help build a homeless shelter in Ocean County.

Charity By a Legacy Cannabis Entrepreneur

While it may seem like a publicity stunt, Moe has done a great deal of charity in the past. He is a great fan of his hometown of Trenton, where he was born and raised.  

Moe is doing well as a legacy cannabis entrepreneur that he can donate $10,000, saying, “Relative to the industry, it’s not a lot.”

He noted that many companies, both legacy and larger Multi-State Operators (MSOs), are largely looking to maximize profit to keep to themselves.

“Money comes and goes for me,” he said. “10,000 is a good chunk of change, but I’m trying to give it back.”

Moe wants to emphasize a “different style of Capitalism” by paying good wages and doing charity.

“Taking care of the community is the best way to run a business,” he said.  

Moe recently gave 50 backpacks and supplies to the Boys and Girls Club of Trenton to give to the underserved community as part of their Back-to-School efforts. He said they were receptive of the gift.

Moe also engages in a community clean-up in the South Ward on Sundays.  He is eager to keep his store’s block clean.

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