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NJ Cannabis Gifting Company Slumped Kitchen Makes Charitable Donation

The NJ cannabis gifting delivery company Slumped Kitchen donated $23,390 to the non-profit Just Believe Inc. to build a homeless shelter in Ocean County.

Slumped Kitchen co-owner Todd M. (who didn’t want his last name used) said the money would go towards the creation of Jeff’s Camp, a 63-acre property that will include a shelter and treatment center for veterans.

“We’re all for projects like that,” Todd said.

In the future, they seek to donate five percent of gross sales to a local non-profit at the end of each month.

They have been following Just Believe for some time since Todd knows its CEO Paul Hulse from mutual friends. While Hulse doesn’t consume, he is nonetheless in favor of legalization. Before the donation announcement, Slumped Kitchen gave out samples and flyers to the assembled crowd at a prior Just Believe event. The response was overwhelmingly positive, Todd said, noting 80 percent of those attending were in favor.

“For the most part, it was a great response,” he said. Todd noted that Just Believe was happy to have their support.

Todd said that in private some police officers have said they’re in favor of what they’re doing.

Building Slumped Kitchen

Todd, a serial entrepreneur, launched Slumped Kitchen with his girlfriend Shari L. Together, they have bootstrapped and grown the business.

While based in Central Jersey, they have facilities in North and South Jersey as well.

“So far, things have been working out. We’ve been blessed,” Todd said.

He noted Slumped Kitchen can deliver their goods statewide through their network of drivers within 48 hours max, but usually the next day. They have proprietary coded software that facilitates their deliveries.

“We love all the news services and start-ups. We encourage them to keep going. That’s the only way we’re going to keep out corporate cannabis,” Todd said. “Stay focused and don’t give up.”

NJ Cannabis Gifting Issues

“We wanted to give back to the community from the beginning, but all the flack with the Attorney General and the business model made it take longer,” Todd said.

Slumped Kitchen was one of the companies named in the cease-and-desist letter issued by former Attorney General Gurbir Grewal, who criticized them for saying their NJ cannabis gifting when payment was mandatory.

Notably, the criticism was regarding a type of consumer fraud versus the nature of a cannabis business operating openly in the wake of the legalization referendum.

Todd said they have a legal team taking care of it.

“We answered the letter to the best of our ability,” he said.

Todd agreed that the absence of announcements from the Attorney General on the issue since has produced an unsettling calm.

Unfortunately, he could not comment much further on the issue, noting the matter is ongoing with his legal team in touch with the Attorney General’s office.

“Things are being discussed. The communications line is open,” he said.

Legacy Cannabis Operator Seeks Legimtiacy

Todd said he would love to apply for a license from the NJ Cannabis Regulatory Commission (CRC). He noted Slumped Kitchen is willing to comply with regulations and pay taxes properly once they receive a license. To pre-emptively comply, their site has an age verification restriction. In addition, they sell their goods in child-proof bags complete with their printed warning labels. In addition, they spent money to make sure impaired people can access their website, making it ADA-compliant.

“We look at Slumped Kitchen as a future national brand,” he said. “We need to be legitimized and recognized as a legitimate authorized service. That’s the only thing stopping our expansion now.”

Unlike many CBD and underground entrepreneurs, Slump Kitchen doesn’t want a micro license because its growth is capped. They primarily want a delivery license and eventually a vertical license.

“Slumped Kitchen is here to stay,” Todd said.

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