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Cannaboy TreeHouse Holds Grand Opening in Union Township

The NJ CBD shop Cannaboy TreeHouse is holding its grand opening on Saturday in Union Township at noon at 1000 A Stuyvesant Ave.

There will be a presentation from Mary Jade RX and Jessie Gill, also known as the Marijuana Mommy, on the natural healing properties and nuances of CBD. There will also be CBD massages and light refreshments.

Cannaboy TreeHouse

The shop’s owner and operator Linsey Lofton is excited. It has been quite a journey for him since he decided to start a business, and at a time when so many CBD products, shops, and dispensaries are coming out of the woodwork.

“I spent the better part of my career in prisoner re-entry and woke up one morning a year ago and said to my wife, I want to start a business. She called my bluff and said ok,” Lofton said. “Oh my goodness, did she just call my bluff?

“Oh my God, I really got to do this now.”

His wife was indeed supportive of him even though she did not even know what type of business.

NJ CBD Shop to Help Deliver Benefits

Lofton has actually been using CBD since about 2011. He suffered from pain in his feet and other health issues and discovered CBD. Lofton said he was looking for a natural alternative after he saw that aspirin negatively affects the liver, among other issues, if taken frequently. Then, when conducting research into CBD medications, it was seen as a beneficial cannabinoid that can have positive benefits to those suffering from all sorts of pain, chronic or not.

“It changed my life,” said Lofton. He began using oils, tinctures, topicals, and flowers on a regular basis.

“It has transformed my daily routine. I used to have trouble getting out of bed. Now I can’t wait to get out of bed,” Lofton said. “I want to share this with other people.”

Local Makes Good

So, he began looking around and saw that there was no exclusive NJ CBD shop in the area. Lofton found an empty storefront he liked in Union Township while driving around looking for locations. Being from neighboring Hillside, he was familiar with the area. Townhall officials were quite welcoming when he made inquiries and he went forward with it.

“It’s been quite the whirlwind journey in these last 12 months,” Lofton said. “I wanted to open up something that would help the community.”

CannaBoy TreeHouse is actually a family business with Lofton’s mother, Brenda Hopper as his business partner. She is actually the State Director of the Small Business Development Center in New Jersey, so she brings some experience to the table.

The NJ CBD shop carries a wide variety of products that are all organic and made in the United States. Lofton was careful to select high-quality products, given the uncertainty around the emerging industry. They carry everything from CBD flower, oils, tinctures, full and broad-spectrum products, creams, balms, salves, bath and beauty products, products for skincare, moisturizers, gel caps, and even pet products. With the wide range of CBD manufacturers producing products for the market, you’re sure to find something to suit your needs.

“Every other week, different products are coming on the market. We want to have the most unique products proven to be effective for our customer base,” said Lofton.

Wide Range of Products

Lofton said he has tried every product in the store himself, except those specifically designed to help women. He gave his dog the CBD designed for dogs which he says works well for dogs who have separation anxiety when their owners go on vacation or are afraid of loud sounds like thunder. Lofton noted his products can be tracked from seed to sale, from planting to getting into customer’s hands.

He aspires that his store becomes a source of information and dispels misinformation for those who come into the store curious about it.

While supportive of cannabis reform, Lofton said he is focused on CBD and its great possibilities, noting the broad support it has received from celebrities and athletes who say it has worked for them.

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