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Propelify Holding NJ Cannabis Festival in Hoboken

Are you interested in sharpening your entrepreneurial skills and your mindset? Are you into technology, digital marketing and social influencing? How about cannabis? Do you support legalizing cannabis in New Jersey and the tri-state area? Are you looking to be among the leading cannabis innovators in New Jersey? Then you do not want to miss the Propelify NJ cannabis festival in Hoboken, New Jersey on May 17, 2018 for NJ cannabis entrepreneurs. 

Innovation and technology leaders will interact and inspire participants by sharing knowledge, wisdom, experiences, strategies, and tips for success.

Legal Cannabis In NJ, Legal Cannabis New Jersey

Business Opportunities in Cannabis

Are you wondering, why cannabis?  Simple. The cannabis industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the country. In an analysis by New Frontier Data determined that if all 50 states legalized cannabis, the federal government could create at least $131.8 billion in tax revenue over the next eight years. Such action would also create 782,000 jobs within the first year, increasing to over one million jobs by 2025.

New Jersey could see $300 million in annual revenue if it creates a responsible, adult-use market, with over $20 million within the first month. The state could capture a significant market share of the industry as an early mover in the tri-state area. Governor Murphy continues to show support for the legalization of NJ cannabis entrepreneurs, and investors. Medical patients and cannabis enthusiasts are all eagerly awaiting the legislature to move forward.

Many NJ cannabis entrepreneurs, and investors feel now is the time to take action in the exciting, new industry. Opportunity is ripe in the cannabis industry for those who want to seize it. The industry is poised for massive growth and there are many ways to be involved at a variety of levels.

Whether its on the side of advocacy, education, awareness, lobbying or on the side of cultivation, processing, distribution, testing, packaging, tourism, or any other angle you can think of, there is no doubt that innovation and insight are always being sought out to provide new cutting edge offerings to the industry.

NJ Cannabis Festival

“Propelify highlights experts who represent where their world is headed. As the cannabis industry matures, is regulated, and experiences massive growth, we’re proud to highlight both the entrepreneurs and opportunities that define where it’s headed. The cannabis industry is a perfect example of an emerging industry primed for a tech infusion,” says Aaron Price, Founder of Propelify.

The Propelify NJ cannabis festival hopes to attract well over 10,000 attendees and 80 speakers, across two stages and exhibition space. There will be speakers from Google, Barclays, American Express, GE, Samsung, Pearson, and Contently, just to name a few.  Governor Murphy, Senator Cory Booker, and Mayor Ravi Bhalla of Hoboken will also address the audience. Murphy and Booker openly support cannabis legalization. In fact, Booker’s Marijuana Justice Act has recently gained numerous sponsors, all seemingly ready to run for President in 2020.

Panels for NJ Cannabis Entrepreneurs

At 4:00 PM, on Propelify’s Stage of Inspiration, the “Future of Cannabis” will be discussed. The session will be moderated by David Heldreth, of Panacea Plant Sciences. He will also be representing True Terpenes, an aromatherapy service company, using cannabis terpene profiles. 

Cannabis innovators Lauren Rudick of Hiller PC, Zeyead Gharib of Harvest Direct Enterprises, and Ryan Smith of LeafLink, will join the stage. Many local cannabis leaders and entrepreneurs will also be in attendance. Additionally, a “Cannabis Corner” featuring vendors and representatives from the cannabis industry will be part of the exhibition area

Source: Propelify.com

According to their website, Propelify promises amazing speakers, networking with startups, and investors where you can “hire and be hired”. They offer displays and exhibits featuring “virtual reality, drones, music, and startup competition, and lots more.”

“As a tech entrepreneur myself, I know too well the challenges of building a company. Ideas are easy, propelling them forward, and maintaining that momentum, is the challenge,” said Aaron Price.

He said their NJ cannabis festival will solve this by bringing together the startup, corporate, and innovation communities to propel innovation.

It sounds like an awesome day out for anyone looking to further their knowledge and network in the tech and innovation space, including the Future of Cannabis.

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