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Philly Cannabis Entrepreneur Jewish Sauce BossWill Edelstein’s JSB Certifications Helping Patients


Jewish Sauce Boss cannabis NJ PA Philadelphia

Will Edelstein is building his lifestyle brand Jewish Sauce Boss (JSB) and helping patients through his platform JSB Certifications in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

JSB Certifications specializes in assisting people become medical cannabis patients via telemedicine appointments. Founded in 2019, it began out of the demand for a community initiative to educate and facilitate individual access to the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Patient Program. In 2020, JSB Certifications went digital with the global Covid-19 pandemic. Going digital has made it easier than ever for hundreds of thousands of potential patients in New Jersey to gain access to medical cannabis. The company has helped thousands of people across Pennsylvania and New Jersey to become Medical Marijuana Patients.

Founded in 2019, is backed by a passionate team of clinical and holistic healers that support those on a more natural pathway to a happier, healthier life. It is an intuitive, convenient service, bridging the

the connection between patient and certifying physician all in one place.

Edelstein is also running Jewish Sauce Boss, an independent lifestyle platform dedicated to reversing the negative reputation plaguing the international cannabis space. In 2017 he decided to pair his passion and expansive knowledge of cannabis to help to grow the industry.

 “It was the stigma that really motivated me to do whatever I could to bring this incredible plant out of the shadows,” Edelstein said.

So, he created the brand Jewish Sauce Boss, brought it to social media, hosted events, and quickly rose to become one of the most outspoken local activists in the Philadelphia area and the national landscape.

At its core, is a worldwide community for those looking to share, discover, and grow their experiences, trades, and passions that involve cannabis. It’s a platform and signature voice for inspirational and informative content through positive messaging and a friendly tone.

Edelstein continues to forge a name for himself through JSB as a thought leader, innovator, and content creator with deep roots in cannapreneurial ventures.

Edelstein knows the power of cannabis to change the lives of billions around the world by delivering better health and a stronger sense of happiness. He believes that individual stories of experience, remedy, and change will get us there. It’s there that we find inspiration to connect, heal, laugh, learn, and grow together.

The Meaning of Jewish Sauce Boss

The essence of Jewish Sauce Boss is captured in the energy Edelstein brings to cannabis and life.  The word “Jewish” evokes ritual, tradition, a sacred spiritual connection, many attributes that can also be said of cannabis. “Sauce” evokes a certain type of style, swagger, and confidence, the way many wear their Judaism, or love for cannabis upon our sleeve. And “Boss” is someone who doesn’t settle, a person who knows what they want, and a go-getter.

JSB grew out of the Jewish values of Tikkun Olam (making the world a better place), which is often put into practice through doing acts of charity or well-intentioned civic involvement.

Thus, JSB is a service to folks interested in cannabis. They help customers develop and understand their ritualistic relationship with the plant.

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