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Several NJ Adult Use Cannabis Dispensaries Open for 51 Total

Several New Jersey adult use cannabis dispensaries have opened in New Jersey such as Molly Ann Farms, Daylite Cannabis, New Era Dispensary, Elevated by CannaBoss Lady, and Unity Rd. for a total of 51.

Most of them are independent and locally owned. Minorities and women own several.

Daylite Cannabis Micro Business Opening in Mt. Laurel

The Daylite Cannabis Dispensary is hosting its Grand Opening tomorrow, September 30th in Mt. Laurel in Burlington County.

“We’re a true mom-and-pop shop microbiz. Daylite Cannabis Owner Steve Cassidy explained. “No crazy money in our families, no background in compliance, etc. As independent as they come.”

“What started as an idea is now a full-blown reality. I’m loving every minute of it,” he added.

Cassidy is from Medford, also in Burlington County, and went to Stockton University in South Jersey. He was arrested twice for marijuana possession as a young man. So he was a Social Equity New Jersey adult use cannabis license applicant. Cassidy is a longtime cannabis consumer.

“This is my calling. Everything I’ve done in my career sets me up to start a business in cannabis,” he explained.

Cassidy sold beer for about 13 years with the plan of starting a brewery that never materialized. With Daylite Cannabis he is a first-time entrepreneur who did some research when he got in. His friend from the Alcohol industry pivoted to cannabis and mentored him.

Opening an NJ Adult USe Cannabis Dispensary Micro Business

Cassidy was able to use his life savings to build the business. In addition, he got his parents, wife Kristen, and best friend to contribute.

NJ adult use cannabis dispensary daylite cannabis molly ann farms, cannaboss lady, new era dispensary

“We literally made this happen by our own will and determination,” Cassidy explained. “We were able to make it happen on an extremely tight budget in a competitive industry.”

He wrote their business plan and their compliance plan. Many times, Cassidy was worried they wouldn’t ultimately open.

“That pit of despair is crippling. It’s so hard to operate in this space. It’s a marathon,” he admitted.

Coping With NJ Cannabis Town Laws

Cassidy had problems with land and hounded property owners in the Green Zone, where cannabis companies are allowed to find space.

Daylite Cannabis ultimately made it through a complicated local New Jersey cannabis license approval process in Mt Laurel. The town was worried about security issues for some time. There was a lot of drama in town over cannabis legalization. They also changed the rules midway through.

“I’m so blessed to be here,” he exclaimed. “We are one of the one of the handful businesses to open in the state. It’s so crazy.”

Daylite Cannabis emphasizes customer service and friendliness. Hand stamping logo on bags

“I’m here every single day. Everyone’s stoked to be a part of what we’re doing here,” Cassidy said.

Mt. Laurel didn’t have a cap nor imposed distance boundaries initially. He is worried about a larger cannabis corporation coming to town and how it will affect them.

Such rules usually knock a little guy like him out. It would be interesting to see them protecting a little guy for a change.

They are likely to face stiff local competition on Rt. 73 and in Mount Laurel, with several dispensaries having been approved locally. It could be a legit Cannabis Row. There are also a few dispensaries opening in nearby towns.

Molly Ann Farms Dispensary Holding Grand Opening Tomorrow in Haledon

The Molly Ann Farms dispensary is thrilled to invite the community to its Grand Opening Celebration. It will be tomorrow, Saturday, September 30th, in Haledon in Passaic County at 265 Belmont Avenue.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony led by Haledon Mayor Michael Johnson, city council, first responders, and other officials is scheduled for noon. Johnson is eager to welcome this fresh endeavor in the heart of Haledon.

“Molly Ann Farms has shown an exceptional commitment to being a positive force in our community,” he declared. “Their inclusive hiring practices, which have already provided opportunities for 25 individuals, including locals, women, and those with prior cannabis convictions, truly encapsulate the spirit of renewal and growth we champion in Haledon.”

There will also be free food, swag, and music from noon to 4 PM. Following the ceremony, the doors will open to reveal a unique space where community and cannabis converge.

Guests are invited to enjoy an atmosphere of celebration and camaraderie. There will be free food and swag for customers and reggae music to set a cheerful and relaxed tone for anyone who drops by.

Pro-Home Grow Dispensary

Molly Ann Farms Co-founder and Chief Operator Officer Gian Lombardi expressed the team’s joy and determination as they enter this new chapter.

“After 18 long months since receiving our municipal approval from Haledon, we are beyond thrilled to open our doors and begin embodying a positive role model for the legal, regulated cannabis industry,” he said. “We are committed to furthering cannabis reforms, with legal home grow in New Jersey at the top of the list.”

It is very notable that a licensed New Jersey cannabis dispensary would proclaim its support for cannabis home grow reform.  

Most of the New Jersey cannabis industry is either neutral or indifferent if not fundamentally opposed to home growing.

Fostering a market with thriving minority and women-owned small businesses, or at least the rhetoric, is far more popular.

“We are not just a store. We are a movement aiming to spread happiness across our employees, our customers, and the communities we serve,” Molly Ann Farms Co-founder and CEO Gabriella Wilday argued.

They say that at Molly Ann Farms, customers aren’t just customers. According to Wilday, their consumers are members of a community rooted. Wiladay and Lombardi are siblings. Their father, George Lombardi, is also a partner.

“We strive to make every visit both convenient and special,” she declared.

Molly Ann Farms promises a seamless and enjoyable experience with minimal wait times, an exterior pick-up window for pre-orders, and an enormous parking lot.

They say they are one of the largest adult-use New Jersey cannabis dispensaries. It was formerly a funeral home. Molly Ann Farms made it through the local approval process and is set to open despite some local opposition.

Molly Ann Farms says it’s committed to providing an exceptional retail experience to customers while supporting the growth and development of the community.

New Era Dispensary Opens in South Bound Brook

New Era Dispensary had a Grand Opening on September 17th after a soft launch in August in South Bound Brook in Somerset County.

NJ adult use cannabis dispensary daylite cannabis molly ann farms, cannaboss lady, new era dispensary

According to them, nearly 500 attendees joined in the celebration.

“We are thrilled with the overwhelming response we received at our grand opening party,” said New Era Dispensary self-described boss lady Dr. Toral Patel. “Our goal is to provide the best customer service experience and create a peaceful and friendly environment. We want our customers to feel valued and at ease while exploring.”

NJ adult use cannabis dispensary daylite cannabis molly ann farms, cannaboss lady, new era dispensary

Patel is the sole owner of New Era Dispensary. She has a doctorate in Physical Therapy and a bachelor’s degree in biology from Rutgers University. Patel believes in the power of natural remedies to alleviate pain. She is passionate about assisting people and helping them regain their active lifestyles.

Like many independent dispensary owners launching, she is a serial entrepreneur. Patel owned a Physical Therapy practice with two offices for 10 years.

In 2019, the idea of opening a dispensary came to her as she witnessed many of her patients suffering from chronic pain, and she desired to do more to aid them.

Thus, Patel overcame the issue of many first-time entrepreneurs with access to capital using savings.

Elevated by Cannaboss Lady Open in Maplewood

The Elevated by Cannaboss Lady opened in Maplewood recently with a soft opening and little fanfare. Their Grand Opening is Saturday, October 21st.

NJ adult use cannabis dispensary daylite cannabis molly ann farms, cannaboss lady, new era dispensary

It has by far the best atmosphere of any New Jersey cannabis dispensary seen by Heady NJ. The place is small since Elevated by Cannaboss Lady is a micro business. But they make good use of the space. Everything in the shop was designed to catch the eye in some fashion. The shop is full of interesting decorations.

(Full disclosure Cohen is a Patreon subscriber.)

The CBD store is still operating in its original location. They transformed a space on the other side of her building into a New Jersey adult use cannabis dispensary. They are marketing the new dispensary as a luxury boutique.

The Cannaboss Lady herself, Owner and CEO Jill Cohen, a Jewish woman, initially launched a CBD store that sold a range of products, including hemp-derived Delta 8 in the location in downtown Maplewood.

Cohen has been very active in the community and the New Jersey cannabis industry. The Cannaboss Lady was a sponsor of the Maplewood LGBTQ Pride festival, for example.

MSO Franchise Unity Rd Open in Franklin Twp in Somerset County

The Unity Rd NJ adult use cannabis dispensary is open in the Somerset neighborhood of Franklin Township in Somerset County. They are a cannabis corporation that is a Multi-State Operator (MSO) franchise with locations in Colorado, South Dakota, and now New Jersey.

Competition will be fierce in Franklin Township, where several New Jersey adult use cannabis dispensaries are permitted.

They pride themselves on their claim of being “the first true national cannabis dispensary franchise.”

Unity Rd claims to empower entrepreneurs. But in a press release it did not even name the local New Jersey adult use cannabis license holder.

“Being able to enter the market with a devoted local entrepreneur who understands the inner workings of the business model will streamline the process of operating a compliant and successful cannabis business, while positively impacting the community,” Unity Rd CEO Mike Weinberger argued.

The publication NJ Biz revealed their local manager/partial owner is Dishen Patel. Unity Rd plans to open two more locations in New Jersey.

Cannabis Franchising to Build a Big Business

Unity Rd signed a licensing agreement with the local entrepreneur as a vendor contractor. It states it will provide them with consulting services across real estate, licensing, compliance, operations, product procurement, and marketing.

Cannabis is a highly regulated industry with overly complicated laws and a lot of red tape to appease moderates. It makes it very hard for newcomers to enter and operate a successful business. Unity Rd. says it breaks down these barriers, claiming to help independent business owners.

Unity Rd is not the only cannabis dispensary that has adopted a type of franchising model. Simple Pure of Colorado is poised to have three locations, with Social Equity license holder Tahir Johnson of Ewing leading the way.

Franchising to get around loopholes prohibiting vertical integration of a store with many locations. For the franchise holder, it might seem like a way to be an entrepreneur while avoiding the problems of building an independent brand and dealing with a million minor details. However, most entrepreneurs enjoy a lot of autonomy. But most franchisors must follow orders from corporate headquarters, or they have trouble operating.

Where are New Jersey’s Adult Use Cannabis Dispensaries?

  1. Molly Ann Farms in Haledon.
  2. Daylite Cannabis in Mt. Laurel.
  3. New Era Dispensary in South Bound Brook.
  4. Elevated by Cannaboss Lady in Maplewood.
  5. Unity Rd (an MSO) in Franklin Twp.
  6. Noire Dispensary in Maplewood.
  7. Puffin Store in New Brunswick.
  8. RIPT in Jersey City
  9. Queen City Dispensary in Plainfield.
  10. Cookies (an MSO) in Harrison.
  11. Kind NJ Kush in Rockaway.
  12. New Era Dispensary in South Bound Brook.
  13. Brute’s Roots in Egg Harbor Township.
  14. Leaf Haus in Franklin Township.
  15. Mountain View Farmacy in West Milford.
  16. Social Leaf in South Toms River.
  17. Earth & Ivy in New Brunswick.
  18. iAnthus MPX an (MSO) in Gloucester Twp.
  19. Union Chill (an MSO) in Lambertville.
  20. Nova Farms (an MSO) in Woodbury.
  21. UR’BN Dispensary in Newark.
  22. Design 710 in Atlantic City.
  23. Holistic Solutions LLC in Atco.
  24. Valley Wellness LLC in Raritan Twp.
  25. Sweet Spot (an MSO) in Voorhees.
  26. Apothecarium Dispensary (an MSO) in Lodi.
  27. Apothecarium Dispensary in Maplewood.
  28. Apothecarium Dispensary in Phillipsburg.
  29. Ascend (an MSO) in Montclair.
  30. Ascend (an MSO) in Rochelle Park.
  31. Ascend in Fort Lee.
  32. Bloc (an MSO, formerly Justice Grown) in Franklin Township.
  33. Bloc (an MSO, formerly Justice Grown) in Ewing.
  34. The Botanist (an MSO) in Williamstown.
  35. The Botanist in Egg Harbor Township.
  36. The Cannabist (an MSO) in Vineland.
  37. The Cannabist in Deptford.
  38. Curaleaf (an MSO) in Bordentown Twp.
  39. Curaleaf (an MSO) in Bellmawr.
  40. Curaleaf (an MSO) in Edgewater Park.
  41. Ayr Wellness (an MSO formerly GSD) in Woodbridge.
  42. Ayr Wellness in Eatontown
  43. Ayr Wellness in Union Township.
  44. Harmony Dispensary in Secaucus.
  45. MPX NJ (an MSO) in Atlantic City.
  46. MPX NJ in Sicklerville.
  47. GTI Rise (an MSO) in Bloomfield.
  48. GTI Rise in Paterson.
  49. Verano’s Zen Leaf (an MSO) in Neptune.
  50. Verano’s Zen Leaf in Elizabeth.
  51. Verano’s Zen Leaf in Lawrence Twp.

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