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NJ 420 Week Cannabis Convention Celebrations

Many 420 NJ cannabis conventions celebrated the traditional cannabis holiday throughout the Garden State in the legal and legacy markets.

Unity II in the American Dream Mall held the first of its three-day cannabis convention on 4/19, which along with being 420 Eve, was the first day of the American Revolution and Bicycle Day when LSD was discovered.

The Unity II cannabis convention hosted by Cannademix saw many similar companies eager to promote themselves before opening. That included adult-use cannabis manufacturer Mojo Botanica, Canna Remedies, and Elevated by the Cannaboss Lady. Also in attendance were Breakwater Dispensary and the woman-owned Miss Grass Brand of legal cannabis products found in dispensaries.

NJ Adult-use Market Growth Marked

While Thursday, 4/21, is the 1st anniversary of the opening of the New Jersey adult-use cannabis market. But many a great many are unhappy with the state of the market. No adult-use cannabis-only company is open yet. Thus the prevailing limited market of cannabis dispensaries primarily owned by large corporations that are Multi-State Operators (MSOs) has remained strong.

However, many companies are eager to open between the 4th of July and the next 4/20. Many of these are prioritized due to being minority-owned, local, and Social Equity candidates who were caught with cannabis. Many are eager to promote quality craft cannabis honed in the West Coast legacy market, where the best cannabis is said to be from.

“We’ll open when we open, and we’ll kick the MSOs’ ass,” President of Deo’s Garden Josh Perez said. They were among the companies tabling.

Deo’s Garden will likely open in Maywood by the end of the year. Perez has found money and real estate. In addition, he is confident the NJCRC will grant him a cannabis license. The company was named after Demeter, the Greek Goddess of agriculture.

Cannabis Convention Features

Legacy operators were represented both in the attendance and tabling. Punch Bars, a staple of the legacy cannabis market, were being sold by them. However, these versions had Delta-8 THC. It is an interesting loophole where legal products get you high. Thus it can be sold by legitimate companies.

Josh Alb held the Unity II cannabis convention under his cannabis convention and education brand Cannamdemix. He has a CBD brand and an adult-use conditional license.

A cool cannabis conference was a good space filler in a place desperately trying to make money. The American Dream Mall is by Met Life Stadium, where the New York Giants and New York Jets play. The project took about 20 years to open. It only opened the post-COVID online shopping dad hasn’t gone away since becoming very fashionable at the height of the pandemic. It was held in the mall with little kids and a Lego store nearby. 

Many panels were being held throughout the cannabis convention featuring a variety of cannabis leaders.

The Unity II cannabis convention continues until Friday night.

Sativa Cross Discusses Homegrow at NJ 420 State House

At the New Jersey State House, cannabis advocates the Sativa Cross podcast with Lefty Grimes was held on the State House lawn in their customary space. They discussed the prospect of cannabis homegrow legalization.

Lefty explained that he and cannabis advocate Mike Vintzileos went to see Bruce Springsteen perform at Met Life Stadium and ran into Senate President Nick Scutari (D-Union.) He reported Scutari might be in favor of a limited medical cannabis homegrow bill. Lefty noted they even took a selfie with Scutari.

A medical cannabis bill that limited homegrow to certain conditions would be a great victory for the homegrow movement. Many of the cannabis advocates who supported New Jersey cannabis legalization have largely either shifted to the nuts and bolts of launching the New Jersey adult-use cannabis industry. Those who were social justice advocates have shifted to focusing on other causes.

“I hear it’s coming, and I’m excited,” said noted cannabis leader Bill Caruso who phoned into the show. 

However, “We’ve heard for a long time that it’s coming,” he added.

The Coalition for Medical Marijuana of New Jersey (CMMNJ) and the UFCW also supported the Sativa Cross podcast and were featured.

CMMNJ was eager for a bill to assist medical cannabis patients with insurance move out of NJ Senate Budget Committee chaired by Paul Sarlo (D-Bergen.)

Legalization Politics After Winning

Many cannabis patients, activists, and cannabis industry professionals enjoyed the space outside on a sunny day. While crowds of earlier years, this year had the serenity of a picnic on a nice day.

Given the leisurely environment, Sativa Cross performed one of the songs they wrote.

What happens as an advocate when you win most of the victories? What initially was a radical movement has become more mainstream than ever. A majority of states have legalized medical cannabis and/or adult-use cannabis.

Legacy NJ Cannabis Market Thrives

APA Hotel in Woodbridge saw a unique show with a legacy operators market and DJ and food trucks in the parking lot where people could smoke. The main market was inside the hotel ballroom. NJ Smokers Club hosted it. 

At 4:20 pm, on the stage with a DJ, a guy held a giant bong gun that shot weed smoke into the faces of people who crowded around. There was a very relaxed atmosphere at the cannabis party, with security guards ensuring the tranquility continued.

Many NJ 420 Events Throughout the State & NYC

Thus there were many events throughout New Jersey and New York City in the state legal and legacy markets.

There was a big cannabis convention in Atlantic City today.

In addition to the planned events that Heady NJ promoted, there was a cannabis real estate conference in Newark featuring New Jersey Cannabusiness Association (NJCBA) PresidentEd DrVeaux and noted Cannabis Board attorney Ron Mondello was slated to speak.

There were also other smaller legacy markets. 

Many licensed cannabis and CBD companies like to do a promotional holiday special like Christmas or President’s Day.

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