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NJ Adult Use Cannabis Dispensary Mountain View Farmacy Opens in West Milford

The micro business NJ adult use cannabis dispensary Mountain View Farmacy has opened in West Milford in Passaic County in Northwest Jersey.

They had their Grand Opening on July 30th at 74 Oak Ridge Road in Oak Ridge in West Milford. Mountain View Farmacy initially had a soft opening in June.

It has a unique advantage since few towns around West Milford there are pro-cannabis. While a few are expected in Northwest Jersey, it is not what it’s like elsewhere in Jersey.

Mountain View Farmacy offers daily discounts on some items as well as loyalty programs. They also plan to promote their customer service phone line where people call for advice and details anonymously.

New Jersey cannabis consumers can conveniently order online and pick up in-store or explore a range of cannabis products on their virtual kiosk in our immersive showroom.

The NJ Cannabis Regulatory Commission (NJ-CRC) granted them a conditional NJ adult use cannabis license last July. They won their conversion to an annual NJ adult use cannabis dispensary in February.

Mountain View Farmacy received a town council resolution allowing them to open last March. That has been a significant hurdle many cannabis companies have failed to overcome.

West Milford has a pro-cannabis libertarian Republican Councilman who likely facilitated the town’s cannabis policy, allowing a few dispensaries in town.

NJ Adult Use Cannabis Dispensary Mountain View Farmacy Opens

Mountain View Farmacy is a micro business. The NJ-CRC created the category to help local small businesspeople enter the New Jersey cannabis industry. As a micro business, they can only have ten employees.

“I want to make sure people are taken care of,” General Manager Tom Sina said.

He noted that being a micro business is a mom-and-pop type shop. Sina insisted their budtenders are not pushy salespeople.

“We don’t sell. We help people buy,” he emphasized.

Sina acknowledged the role budtenders play in helping consumers make decisions. He compared their company to a pharmacy where “the client is the patient and the doctor.”

Like most New Jersey cannabis dispensaries opening, they are eager to sell a wider range of quality craft and small-batch cannabis than is currently available in the market.

You can experience the allure of Nature at its finest with Mountain View Farmacy. Whether you’re a seasoned consumer or exploring cannabis for the first time, they have created a welcoming space tailor-made for you.

They understand that this might be a new journey for many. The Mountain View Farmacy staff is there to guide and support you every step of the way, ensuring an unparalleled experience.

Mountain View Farmacy is where Nature meets leisure.

They’re not just selling products. They’re scaling new highs in Nature’s embrace.

(This is an advertorial purchased as part of an ad package full disclosure.)

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