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Premier Recreational SoulFlora Dispensary Opens in West Milford

SoulFlora is a newly opened licensed recreational cannabis dispensary located on Route 23 South in West Milford, New Jersey. The dispensary is aptly named.

Located in the “Heart of the Highlands,” SoulFlora is surrounded by lush forests and green mountains. The company itself beckons patrons to “find themselves” through the use of recreational cannabis.

SoulFlora boasts a premier 3,000-square-foot showroom and carries one of the largest varieties of flower, edibles, concentrates, and vaporizers from over 55 brands. Choice is an option here loved by recreational users, but for novices can be a bit overwhelming. Therefore, SoulFlora has made it a priority to host educational pop-ups weekly inside of their store.

Starting next month, they will also feature educational seminars that range in topics from Cannabis 101 to responsible storage practices, understanding terpenes, cannabinoids, tinctures, and more.

The SoulFlora Dispensary

Functioning as more than just a dispensary, SoulFlora is home to friendly & knowledgeable “budtenders,” employees who provide individualized buying experiences to all of those who enter their doors. Their kindness is not limited to customers of the human variety. This business prides itself on being pet-friendly.

It’s not uncommon to see a wagging tail, hear a friendly meow or even the thump of a rabbit when customers enter the store. “Everybun” is welcome at SoulFlora.

Their kindness and consideration extends to their community. SoulFlora is dedicated to the economic growth of West Milford, whether through job creation or philanthropy. They are members of the local chamber of commerce as well as the economic development committee and have hosted food drives that benefit local charities – all within the first two months of opening!

So come find Yourself at SoulFlora. This budding recreational dispensary will help you navigate the world of cannabis emerging right here in New Jersey!

(Full disclosure this is part of an advertising deal.)

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