curaleaf dispensary, bordentown

The Bordentown Township Planning Board heard plans for a Curaleaf dispensary application in town on Route 130 North.

This would be the third Curaleaf dispensary of three South Jersey licenses they possess after Bellmawr and Mount Laurel should the latter receive zoning board approval.

Chris Milelo, Vice President of Retail Operations of Curaleaf testified that it would be a secure location with two consultation rooms for patient orientation and a comfortable lounge for waiting. About 12 to 15 employees would work each shift with two shifts a day.

Cannabis would be delivered as processed products at the Bordentown dispensary which would function solely as a dispensary. The Curaleaf dispensary would be at 191 Rt. 130 North. A car dealership formerly occupied the site in the highly commercial zone. If the Curaleaf dispensary wanted to sell adult-use cannabis once it’s legalized, they would need to seek permission from the board again to do so.

The Curaleaf dispensary in Bordentown Twp. would be larger than their Bellmawr dispensary. An official said on behalf of Curaleaf the interior design has been updated from the Bellmawr plan. Curaleaf officials took pains to comply and answer all the Planning Board’s questions.

Insomnia is biggest issue that patients face Melilo said.

The meeting went so long that no public comment was heard and no decision was made on the dispensary.

Curaleaf Dispensary Operations

Curaleaf is a Multi-State Operator (MSO) operating in 23 states with 88 dispensaries, 52 cultivation, and 32 processing sites, employing more than 3,000 people with 1,500 in retail. It is now one of the largest companies in the industry. They currently operate in New Jersey with a vertical license to produce cannabis from seed to sale in their Bellmawr, NJ facility. They are one of the original six medical marijuana (or clinical cannabis) dispensaries in New Jersey.


Many call their cannabis overly expensive and sub-par quality.

Verona Not Getting a Dispensary

For months the MSO GTI has sought to establish a dispensary in Verona. However, their deal in Verona fell through.

They first presented the plan for a site in town in May.

“After many hours of negotiations regarding the terms of GTI’s operations, the parties have been unable to reach an amicable agreement,” a township official said. “At this time, negotiations have ceased.”

A spirited letter from a prohibitionist foe scared possibly pro-medical marijuana supporters. The letter complained that the names of cannabis products sounded too child-friendly as if a child could go in and buy cannabis as easy candy is purchased at the corner drug store.


Thus, a small amount of opposition easily tapped into long, deep-seated prohibitionist attitudes. This is what happens when you have one company that is not seeking to build public support by flooding public speakers at a town meeting, putting up signs, and writing letters to the editor of the local paper asking permission on a hot button issue.

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