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Heady NJ is happy to announce the panelists for our upcoming NJ Cannabis Home Grow Forum at Hub 13 in downtown Trenton!

It will be at 13 W. Front Street in Trenton on Saturday June 24th from 1-5 PM.

Despite the great advances in legalizing cannabis in New Jersey and ending the great injustices of the War on Drugs, New Jersey home grow remains a felony punishable by jail time and thousands of dollars in fines.

Washington State is the only other state out of 23 that has legalized adult use recreational cannabis sales while keeping it a crime.

Highlighting NJ Cannabis Home Grow

At our forum, Heady NJ will highlight the need for New Jersey cannabis home grow reform.

Unfortunately, it seems to be forgotten by many in the rush to create an equitable & diverse New Jersey cannabis industry.

It has been making steady progress with more legislators sponsoring the New Jersey medical cannabis home grow legislation bill.

The only way home grow can become law is for social justice and industry advocates to join together for home grow.

So we want to bring together the NJ Cannabis Community, supporters of craft cannabis, and craft cannabis growers themselves together to discuss and highlight important issues in the cannabis home grow conversation.

Panel of Experienced NJ Cannabis Advocates

NJ Cannabis Home Grow Forum Heady NJ

The event will feature a panel with the Executive Director of the Coalition for Medical Marijuana of NJ (CMMNJ) & Trenton Cannabis Board Chair Ken Wolski. He has been a New Jersey cannabis advocacy leader of the effort for years. Woksi has testified before the New Jersey legislature several times.

As a New Jersey cannabis advocate for about 20 years and a Trenton resident, he was very qualified to become the Trenton Cannabis Board Chair.

Jo Ann Zito of CMMNJ has also been a tireless advocate for home grow over the years. She has even been on Heady NJ panels on New Jersey cannabis home grow held at other events. However, Zito moved to Virginia recently.

We will also be joined by NJ NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) Chair & National NORML Vice Chair Evan Nison. He has been at the forefront of cannabis policy in New Jersey and across the nation for several years. Nison has recently been pushing home grow at the State House.

His firm Nison Co has also become notable promoting companies in the cannabis industry.

Sativa Cross Board Member and Dover Cannabis Company Co-founder Chris Velasquez will be our third panelist. His experience growing and the issues that followed will be an eye-opener.

Sativa Cross has been leading efforts at the New Jersey State House for years with its activist podcast.

Time to Have Fun and Network

The Heady NJ Cannabis Home Grow Forum will be a perfect place for networking. Prominent New Jersey cannabis industry advocates, vendors, brands, and influencers will be there. Join them and share in the conversation. It will be a great place to enjoy some of the finest insights and products the New Jersey cannabis industry has to offer.

The venue is cannabis consumption friendly so the event is Bring Your Own Cannabis (BYOC). So there will be a great party atmosphere with weed smoking and music.

Industry Supporters and Sponsors.

Many sponsors have signed up. They include licensed dispensaries that will soon be opening up. It says a lot that they have signed on.

Numerous cannabis industry experts and professionals do not like the idea that home grow could cut into the market that they seek to dominate. This view is held by those who view it with a scarcity mindset.

Cannabis event south jersey
Heady NJ / UFCW Event

However, dispensaries could sell seeds and clones or baby plants.

In addition, the process of growing cannabis is not as easy as it seems. Thus, most will want the convenience of cannabis that can be consumed quickly.

Those who are close to medical cannabis patients see the need to allow them to grow to avoid the great expense and low quality (including mold) that have been hallmarks of the New Jersey cannabis market for 10 years.

Nonetheless, a lot of small businesspeople support it. So we are very happy to have the support of the local veteran and family-owned Rec House. They were happy to be part of our Working in South Jersey Cannabis Gathering convention.

In addition, local and minority-owned Puffin Dispensary is opening soon in New Brunswick. Indigo Dispensary opening in Brooklawn in South Jersey will also be joining us.

Green Dragon Hydroponics will also be joining us again! They’re a great growing store based in Gloucester City in South Jersey. They are a frequent partner in our events. Green Dragon Hydro is a leading cultivation shop and source of knowledge in New Jersey.

cannabis event south jersey

We are also happy to welcome Odin Grinders. Grinders are often an essential tool when smoking weed. Odin Grinders offers custom grinders, trays and much more.

Evolve Garden Supply provides licensed cannabis cultivators top of the line equipment to grow the best cannabis.

Jersey Fresh and Big Foot Daze will be there as well sharing their knowledge on the home grow front at their vending tables. More are joining every day.

Get a ticket here!

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Dan Ulloa is the Editor and Publisher of Heady NJ, with a background in politics, journalism, and a passion for the cannabis community. He curates and publishes news, events, and insights on the industry. Dan has been a leading voice in the New Jersey cannabis scene, educating and informing the public about this rapidly evolving industry. He ranked #35 on the INSIDER NJ Cannabis Power List out of 100 in 2022.