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Dr. Dabber Switch Dab Rig: The Best Of Both Worlds?

The Dr Dabber Switch is designed with durability in mind, featuring a solid aluminum body that can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. Its intuitive controls make it easy to use, even for beginners, and its discreet design makes it the perfect choice for vaping on the go.

In addition, the Switch features a wide range of useful attachments, including a glass water filtration attachment for even smoother hits. The Switch also features a 25-cycle battery life and pass-through charging, so you can keep vaping even while the device is charging.

But the Switch’s real strength is in its heating system. Using induction heating, the Switch heats up in seconds, and the temperature can be precisely controlled with a single button press. This means that you can customize your experience to get the perfect hit every time.

Overall, the Dr Dabber Switch is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a high-quality, portable vaporizer. With its precision heating, durable construction, and convenient features, it’s the ultimate tool for anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of concentrates on the go.

The real questions is are you in the market for a high-quality vaporizer & killer dab rig combo that handles both dry herbs and concentrates?

Look no further than the amazing portable concentrates & herbal vaporizer – the Dr. Dabber Switch! 

The Dr Dabber Switch, the ultimate portable vaporizer for all your concentrate needs is a state-of-the-art electronic and totally portable cannabis device. The Switch is engineered to deliver unparalleled vapor quality in a sleek, portable package. The Switch’s unique heating system allows for precise temperature control, ensuring that you get the perfect hit every time. Whether you’re at home or on the go, the Switch’s long-lasting battery and convenient pass-through charging make it easy to use whenever you need it.

This versatile and powerful device offers precise temperature control and a top-notch vaping experience. With its unique induction heating system and large capacity, the Dr. Dabber Switch is perfect for extended sessions. It can provide up to astonishing, 150 hits on a single charge!

What is Dr. Dabber Switch?

The Dr. Dabber Switch is a cannabis vaporizer device that is designed for use with wax, dabs, shatter, rosin, live resin, diamonds, sauce and other concentrates.

It features a unique induction heating system that allows for precise temperature control, allowing users to customize their vaporizing experience.

The Switch also has a large capacity and can go for extended chronic sessions without the need to refill. The device is made from high-quality materials and is built to last long-term for even the heaviest of dabbers, like me. It’s a very popular choice among cannabis users.

The Dr. Dabber Switch is known for its high-quality vapor for use with concentrates, but also for use with flower too. It has a quick heat-up time and produces large clouds with great flavor. The included bubbler does a good job of filtering and cooling the hit before it reaches the user’s lungs.

Overall, the experience with wax is highly impressive. When used with dry herb, the vapor quality is not as good. Some users report good flavor but no visible vapor, or a decent amount of vapor with a strong, ashy taste.

Dr Dabber Switch Quality & Price

The Dr. Dabber Switch is a premium vaporizer device that comes at a premium price point. In terms of build quality, the Switch does not disappoint. Each piece of the device is well-made and feels high-quality, with a nice heft and ergonomic design.

The glass used in the device is thick and high-quality. The overall aesthetic of the device is appealing, with a high-tech design and a light show feature.

In terms of accessories, the Switch includes a bubbler, ceramic heating dish, wax container, reverse tweezers, and user manual.

Each accessory is well-made and justifies the premium price of the device.

Overall, the build quality and included accessories are impressive and justify the higher price point of the Switch.

Switch Features & Modes

The Dr. Dabber Switch dab rig has two different modes: concentrates and dry herb. The operation of the device is similar in both modes, but there are a few differences to be aware of. In concentrates mode, the user first switches the device to oil mode and adjusts the temperature using the appropriate buttons. Next, fill the glass bubbler and attach it securely to the top of the device.

Then, use the included dab tool to drop their concentrates into the cup and begin vaporizing.

In dry herb mode, the user should pre-load the cup with finely ground herb before placing it in the heating area.

Dr Dabber Switch Combo
Dr Dabber Switch Bundle Package

The user can then adjust the temperature, let the device heat up, and inhale the dab’s glorious vapor. Overall, the process for using the Switch is simple and straightforward, regardless of the mode chosen.

Temperature Settings

The Dr. Dabber Switch offers a wide range of temperature options for users to choose from. The device settings go as low as 300°F/149°C and as high as 800°F/427°C, giving users plenty of flexibility to find their ideal setting.

While the device does not offer precise temperature control down to the precise degree, the 25 preset temperature options are more than enough for most users to find the perfect setting on their dab rig.

This wide range of options allows dabbers to almost fully customize their vaporizing experience and enjoy their concentrates OR flower in the way that suits them best.

Click here to buy now and experience the amazing quality of Dr. Dabber products for yourself!

Use of Use & Clean Up

Despite its complex appearance, the Dr. Dabber Switch is surprisingly easy to use. The device also has an integrated heating mode for cleaning and maintenance, which we absolutely love. This makes it easy to keep the device in good working order and is a huge bonus!

How Do You Clean A Dr. Dabber??

To clean the Dr. Drabber glass piece, it is best to use isopropyl alcohol to remove any buildup. Overall, the Switch is easy to use and maintain, making it a convenient option for cannabis users. For the glass part, mix some fine, cooking type of salt in with the 91 percent (or 78%) isopropyl rubbing alcohol. then shake vigorously while keeping both holes covered. Rinse with very hot water and repeat as needed for best results.

Battery Life of The Dr. Dabber Switch

Dr. Dabber Switch Mobile Dab & Herbal Unit

The battery life of the Dr. Dabber Switch is impressive. The manufacturer claims that the device can provide up to 150 hits on a single charge! (That will get me mostly through the day. I lost count but it did last a long day of heavy dabbing).

The long battery life is likely due to the efficient induction heating system used in the Switch. The device also features pass-through charging, allowing users to continue vaping even while the device is charging.

However, one of the downsides of this portable dab rig if it really even is one, is that the battery in the Switch is proprietary and is not easily replaced by the user.

While this may be a potential drawback for some users, it is also a reassuring feature that ensures the device will not become useless if the battery fails.

Overall, the battery life of the Switch is a strong point of the device, providing users with plenty of use on a single charge!

How Discreet & Portable Is The Dr. Dabber Switch?

Well, if there is a second drawback it is the sheer size of the Dr. Dabber Switch! It’s not a discreet vaporizer AT ALL!

It is quite large and will likely attract attention when in use. It is not designed for stealthy dabs like some other vaporizers on the market.

If discretion is important to you, this may not be the best device to choose. But not to worry, if you do want discreteness or privacy for your dabbing, just try the Dr. Dabber XS or Stella.

dr dabber switch in case - dab rig

The Dr. Dabber Switch is a high-quality vaporizer that is one of the best on the market for dabbing your brains out.

While it may not be the most portable option on the market, it offers a great all-in-one solution for users who want to vape both dry herb and concentrates. I mean, you could bring it to the office… We won’t tell.

Alternatives Dabbing Devices To The Dr. Dabber Switch

For users who are looking for a premium, but slightly lesser alternative, the Dr. Dabber EVO may be a good option to consider as a mobile dab rig.

It is a more portable and discreet vaporizer designed for use with concentrates.

Like the Switch, it offers precise temperature control and a high-quality vaping experience.

Overall Conclusion & Review Of The Dr. Dabber Switch

This powerful and versatile vaporizer is the king of dabs, offering an amazing vaping experience unmatched by other dab rig or dab pen.

It’s also pretty great for flower, so you can enjoy a wide range of cannabis products with one device. The Switch is incredibly efficient and effective. This makes it the perfect choice for anyone who wants the best dabbing experience possible.

We HIGHLY recommend the Switch! Click here to buy now and experience the quality and performance of Dr. Dabber products firsthand.

9.5/10 puffs!

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