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4 Notable Characteristics Make OG Kush a Popular Cannabis Strain

OG Kush, the world’s best selling cannabis strain, is a household name among cannabis consumers due to its notable characteristics.

An indica dominant strain, OG Kush is touted for its distinctive flavor and high intensity effects. Whether a novice or an experienced stoner, OG Kush will hit you with an absolute thrill, thanks to its high THC levels. Kush is one of the most popular strains known to potheads and even non-potheads.

Each OG Kush strain assures you a substantial package of highly social and hard hitting effects. Alongside its positive effects, make OG Kush the ultimate cannabis strain for relaxation with friends. OG Kush also poses excellent health benefits, both physical and psychological. 

The History of OG Kush

OG Kush has a heavily disputed history concerning its origin. Many theories point to California as its place of origin. It’s believed the name ‘OG’ refers to Ocean Grown, a term that’s synonymous with a California weed grower. It has since earned it the title “American Classic,” especially regarding its uniqueness.

Since its birth in the United States in 1992, OG Kush gained worldwide popularity. Kush is considered a key influence in creating some of our favorite cannabis strains of today.

However, other theories claim the origins of Kush Cannabis are from landrace plants. OG Kush plants grow naturally in Afghanistan, Northern Pakistan, and India. The name Kush is also associated with the Hindu Kush mountain range, believed to be the originating location of the OG Kush strain.

Here are four outstanding characteristics behind the popularity of OG Kush.

1. High THC Concentration

This is arguably what makes OG Kush more popular than any other cannabis strain. While the terpene concentration of OG Kush varies depending on the seed bank variety, this strain has a higher amount of THC than other weed strains.

With a high THC concentration of about 20%-25%, OG Kush is the most potent cannabis strain with a good relaxation effect. The CBD content is low, usually less than 0.5%, meaning you should expect a high psychoactive effect.

In addition to high THC concentration it is a hybrid fusion strain of 25% Sativa and 75% Indica ratio. As such, expect a rather energizing hit. OG Kush helps you relax when feeling nervous, while still providing an uplift and a slight burst of energy as well.

2. High Medicinal Benefits

Because of its high potency, the strain can relieve many ailments and diseases. The popularly of OG Kush is partly due to its pain relieving properties. The strain also provides both short and long-term relief for anxiety and Alzheimer’s disease. Similarly, OG Kush’s high soothing aspects provide mental relaxation to ensure depression and negative moods fade away.

The strain’s high THC potency provides a safe and calming environment for the user. OG Kush is a compelling choice for those seeking to enhance the medicinal benefits of marijuana. However, it may cause side effects like sedation or a racing heartbeat if taken in high doses.

3. Kush Has Three Distinct Cannabis Terpenes

OG Kush is famous among other cannabis strains because it carries three important terpenes. These terpenes have a slight variation in the effects they give to the user. That’s why it’s always challenging to predict what type of experience you’ll have with this strain. The two terpenes and their medicinal benefits include:

  • Myrcene

Myrcene is a cannabis terpene responsible for the sedative and hypnotic effects of the strain. It has potent anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxant, and pain-fighting impact on the body. The terpenes found in this strain may be helpful if you want physical relaxation and a calm cannabis experience.

  • Beta-caryophyllene

Like the limonene terpene, Beta-caryophyllene also provides relaxing and anti-depressant effects. Similarly, this terpene alleviates the symptoms of anxiety and depression in rodents. However, Beta-caryophyllene terpenes are most useful as anti-inflammatory and pain relieving agents.

4. OG Kush’s Unique Strain Fragrance and Flavors

OG Kush is famous for its autoflower that boasts sticky buds and is rich in resin.

A weed strain that is autoflowering begins to grow its bud based on age versus light changes.

The autoflower combines lemon and citrus fragrances to make it even more appealing to users. Most users liken this fragrance blend to that of a fresh pine forest. You can read more on the best OG Kush autoflower seeds to try in your home garden.

Gardeners must be mindful that cannabis homegrow, unfortunately, is still illegal in New Jersey and remains a felony.

Cannabis Strain Nuances

While OG Kush’s fragrance can generally be earthy with subtle fresh citrus and pine overtones, it’s not the same for all seeds. The fragrances and flavors vary depending on the autoflower seeds.

OG Kush’s signature flavors have dominant fresh and earthy flavors with a taste of sweetness. When mixed with the lemon-lime citrus notes, these flavors will give you a unique and explosive blend. That’s in part why the strain has maintained its popularity and high demand over the years.

OG Kush is a world famous cannabis strain that commands long-standing popularity among enthusiast marijuana smokers. The strain is mainly famed for its long lasting effects and high medicinal value. Unlike other weed strains, it’s hybrid effects make it perfectly balanced to give the best cannabis experience.

(Article photo courtesy of https://unsplash.com/photos/lKbMIkfIEGQ)

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