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Brute’s Roots Releases New Adult Use Flower Products into NJ Adult Use Marketplace

Brute’s Roots is creating a buzz in the market with its newly launched New Jersey adult use cannabis flower products and affordable prices.

After a long four-year journey to get operational, they finally introduced their signature strain, “The Goodfather,” in their Egg Harbor Township dispensary at 6206 Black Horse Pike.

They’re a locally and woman-owned/operated cannabis company.

Brute’s Roots won a medical New Jersey cannabis license for integrated operations of a dispensary, cultivation, and manufacturing in the 2019-2021 license round as Greenhouse Wellness. They have since secured an annual New Jersey adult use cannabis license as well. It was the 41st New Jersey adult use cannabis dispensary to open at the end of summer. The medical side of the dispensary opened in May.

The Brute’s Roots New Jersey cannabis flower harvests came out of their greenhouses, so they’re labeled “Sungrown.”

Five additional strains will be available next month. Brute’s Roots is one of two cultivators in the state that utilize natural sunlight for their plants.

Brute’s Roots Affordable New Jersey Cannabis Adult Use Flower

Their introductory prices are turning heads. They priced their product significantly lower than the average market price. An eighth of an ounce (popularly known as an “eighth” in the cannabis community) of their big buds sell for $27 in the medical market and $29 in the adult use/rec New Jersey cannabis market.

And an eighth of an ounce, their small bud sells for $23 in the medical market and $25 in the rec/adult use market. Brute’s Roots sells prerolls as low as $10 for a 2-pack.

Their premium indoor flower will be available early next year, along with their manufactured products, such as edibles and vapes.

A consistent criticism of the cannabis market here by many New Jersey cannabis advocates and industry experts is that lower-quality products have been overpriced are sold by companies with few ties to the Garden State.

The Brute’s Roots Egg Harbor Township dispensary and staff are getting great reviews. They provide a fast, efficient, and friendly service. Customers can order ahead online or place their order in-store on kiosks. Their friendly budtenders are super knowledgeable and provide a warm and welcoming experience.

Brute’s Roots products can also be found in other dispensaries throughout the state. In fact, owner Kelly Gatto has been delivering their first batch of wholesale orders herself. She wanted to be present for this milestone for the company and the NJ cannabis market. New Jersey has been eagerly waiting for something new to hit the market. So many vendors are excited to put Brute’s Roots on their menu.

Dedicated Local NJ Cannabis Company Owners

Many customers appreciate that Brute’s Roots is owned and operated by two Atlantic County natives, Kelly Gatto and Jim DiNatale. Both are hands-on in the business. They assisted their cultivation team in transplanting over 3,000 plants for this first harvest.

Five years ago, DiNatale, a local commercial developer and business owner, traveled to Canada, California, Maryland, Kentucky, and New Jersey touring various cultivation facilities. He utilized these experiences to design Brute’s Roots facility later. DiNatale and Gatto also did similar due diligence for their dispensary layout.

They visited numerous dispensaries and made purchases at each one to see what works best for the customer experience. Gatto decorated their dispensary to give a different vibe than a traditional dispensary, which many customers say they “feel at home” when they enter.

As a registered nurse, Gatto involves Brute’s Roots in the community, raising money for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and an upcoming Community Food Drive for the holiday season. Gatto and her team handed out educational material regarding the health benefits of cannabis at the Atlantic City Marathon to thousands of athletes and guests.

“I am happy to be able to offer a safe place for both medical and recreational customers to purchase cannabis. There are many health benefits, and it offers a great alternative option for various ailments,” she declared.

“Not many people believed that we would price our product where it’s at. But we wanted to follow through with our mission, which is to provide quality, safe, and affordable cannabis products to the New Jersey market,” DiNatale said.

(Full disclosure: this is an advertorial purchased as part of an ad package.)

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